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All help is welcome to grow sales this holiday season. Photo: Pixabay.

5 tips to grow your business this holiday season

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) offers this information for the Christmas holidays.


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With the objective of helping entrepreneurs to enhance their marketing strategies and support them in their various comercial needs, the financing consultants of the USHCC Navigates Small Business Program offer free business advice to strengthen small entrepreneurs at the end of the year.

Highlighting how the holiday season is one of the most lucrative of the year, where in some cases companies can generate up to a third of their annual revenue between November and December, the USHCC also explains that it can be one of the most competitive times.

“Each industry — from retail to hospitality to health and wellness —is competing for shoppers’ dollars. This time of year is teeming with deep sales, loud marketing campaigns and other promotions, making it easy for small businesses to get lost in the crowd,” noted USHCC.

Tips to increase your sales

No matter what your industry, USHCC and USHCC Navigates Small Business offer the following 5 ideas for ending 2022 on a positive note:

1. Small Business Saturday — This is a national campaign that encourages consumers to shop local on the Saturday after Black Friday. Get involved in the event by letting your community know what sales and promotions you are offering on this important day of shopping.

2. Social Media Ad Campaigns — Bring your social media marketing to life by developing a campaign tailored for the holidays. Let people know what kinds of products and services you offer that can make particularly exciting gifts.

3. Text message marketing — Few people answer the phone when they receive calls from an unknown number, but everyone reads their text messages. Communicate with your audience via SMS messages to inform them about your sales and promotions.

Before sending keep this in mind:

  • Make sure you have written consent to contact members of your community via text messages.
  • Use an SMS application for these communications.
  • Always identify your company before sending the message.
  • Provide the option for your customers to unsubscribe from newsletters so they can opt out of the text message campaign.

4. Flash sales or Pop-Up sales — They are a great way to cultivate urgency and attract buyers quickly. Sales that last a week or longer generally don't inspire a sense of urgency in consumers, but a one-day sale will get people off the couch and into your business quickly.

5. Go to the right people — Whether it's a strategically placed billboard or digital ads on Facebook, make sure you're reaching your targeted buyers. Know your audience and where to find them digitally; otherwise, your ads will be missed or ignored by consumers.

Click here to schedule your appointment with one of the USHCC and USHCC Navigates Small Business consultants.


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