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"Green Friday,” a shopping alternative thinking about the environment

Environmental leaders invite this Black Friday to make purchases that promote the care of the planet.


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One of the most important business days of the year, Black Friday, which is celebrated in the United States and Mexico (as well as in other countries around the world that have copied the strategy) the Friday after Thanksgiving, this year seeks a more sustainable and nature-friendly approach.

According to statements made to Forbes by Adriana Pulido, an expert in sustainability and founder of the responsible commerce and consumption platform In All We Trust, purchases must be intelligent and environmental care must be prioritized, which is why this November 25 invites to the realization of a Green Friday.

From black to green

While many people have lined up outside the stores several days before to get the best promotions, environmental leaders highlight the importance of purchasing sustainable products and promoting the care of natural resources on this iconic date.

As an alternative that seeks to avoid excessive environmental damage, Green Friday invites shoppers at the end of the year to take into account, beyond discounts, those products that prioritize environmental care in their production and marketing.

Although not yet quite as popular or recognized as Black Friday, the importance of giving a green angle to holiday shopping allows buyers to make strategic choices in terms of sustainability.

"It is important to stay informed to make smart, conscious purchases with less environmental damage," Pulido highlighted.

Pulido also recommends betting on organic or natural products, while inviting us to study more about the products we buy to find out how the ingredients or materials used, the type of packaging, its supply chain, etc., affect or not the environment.

"Approach local businesses, small producers or entrepreneurial families that offer homemade alternatives," Pulido highlighted.

Principles of Green Friday

Those who promote the idea highlight the following bases for making greener purchases:

  • Only make essential purchases
  • Buy from the local industry
  • Buy handmade products
  • Support brands that promote recycling and sustainability
  • Reward those industries that seek to care for the environment

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