Industrial pollution.
We must act now against climate change. Photo: Pixabay.

Fund launched to invest in companies seeking solutions to climate change

Carbon Collective Climate Solutions U.S. Equity ETF (CCSO) will provide support to this group of companies.


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Carbon Collective Investing, LLC, an online investment advisor focused on climate change, recently announced the launch of this actively managed, publicly traded fund, which invests in publicly traded companies dedicated to solving climate change.

Zach Stein, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Carbon Collective, stated:

Climate change is the most important issue facing the world. We still have time to avoid the worst case scenarios, but only if we invest capital in climate change solutions that can be adopted and implemented quickly.

A Fund for Climate Change

The latent threat of global warming and the phenomena associated with this environmental emergency are the reason why this business group seeks to focus investment on firms that actively seek solutions to reverse the damage caused by climate change.

There are approximately 200 companies that benefit from these resources, companies that are dedicated to market capitalization of any size within sectors such as clean energy, electrified transport, efficient buildings, circular economy, sustainable food, and industrial electrification.

“Companies that are directly involved in climate change solutions have become an important area of the marketplace and investors need a pure-play and low cost way to invest in this space,” added Stein. 

Clean Companies

The type of companies that Carbon Collective looks for, through exhaustive searches, are those that offer solutions within the mentioned sectors and include different resources to promote their actions, such as public presentations, Internet searches, cross-references of applicable indexes and research of publicly available market, as well as relevant industry/sector news or blogs and independent reports from third parties such as Project Drawdown and the International Energy Agency.

Only companies that derive at least 50% of their revenue from climate solutions are included in the CCSO, information that is made public so that investors are encouraged to participate in the solution for climate change. The fund is rebalanced annually.

“There are hundreds of companies, both well-known and under-the-radar, that are dedicated to fixing climate change. Our fund aims to give investors exposure to these companies in one place. Climate change solutions is an asset class and we’re excited to help investors gain exposure to this important and rewarding space,” noted James Regulinski, co-founder of Carbon Collective.

Toroso Investments, LLC is acting as investment advisor to the fund and Carbon Collective as its sub-adviser.

About Carbon Collective

It is an online investment advisor focused on climate change, which makes investing in climate solutions accessible to all investors with highly diversified, low-cost and minimal investment portfolios.

The Company augments its investment strategy with shareholder advocacy, leveraging member votes to advocate for corporate climate action. Founded by Zach Stein and James Regulinski, and backed by prominent venture capital firms like Precursor Ventures and My Climate Journey, the Carbon Collective seeks to disrupt the financial industry and solve climate change.


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