They are looking to educations locals about plants and natural healing. Photo. Facebook.
They are looking to educations locals about plants and natural healing. Photo. Facebook.

The mother-daughter duo teaching locals the art of healing through plants in West Philly

Cherron Perry-Thomas and her daughter Amma started a business to teach their neighbors about the benefits of plants.


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The COVID-19 pandemic led many people to discover hidden talents and passions within the confines of their homes.

One area getting a lot of love for those that have it, are gardens

People have more time than ever to tend to the outdoor spaces surrounding their homes, and they have been creating gardens out of their backyards and perennial oases out of their living rooms.

One woman in West Philadelphia has turned her own home creations into a business, and is teaching Philly residents the importance of plants and how they can heal people in the aftermath of the pandemic.

“We are both very passionate about wellness, and we are both passionate about making sure the people have the things that they need to be well,” Cherron Perry-Thomas, founder of Plant and People said to Action News.

The shop carries a variety of supplies that are chosen to highlight Black-owned businesses.

Perry-Thomas and her daughter, Amma, created Plant and People out of their house and have been selling plants, herbs, and natural medicine to heal people struggling to navigate this stressful year.

“Before we had anything pharmaceutical, we had plants,” said Perry-Thomas.

Not only are plants beneficial for your mental health like curbing anxiety and depression, but they also have phytoncides and other airborne chemicals that help to reduce the amount of stress you feel throughout a day, according to Eco Watch.

“We do consider ourselves a retreat from what is happening in the world,” she said.

Her local business grew during the pandemic as people became unsure of how they were going to take care of themselves. 

That stress rose even more during the George Floyd protests that occurred for days in Philadelphia and around the country.

“Obviously with so many things happening, it was very traumatic for the community at large,” said Perry-Thomas.

She and her daughter had the perfect opportunity to develop their own business and see it blossom into a community space for residents.

They also want to give locals the opportunity to find a more natural alternative when dealing with tension.

Her daughter, Amma, moved back to Philly from college in New York when the pandemic first occurred, and the business sprouted from there.

“We have been plant-based my whole life, so that is something that I just grew up with,” her daughter said.

Perry-Thomas also added that she is a descendent of a woman who was a midwife and used natural medicine as a basis for her practice. 

Spring is around the corner, which means Perry-Thomas’ business is hitting full stride by encouraging people to put plants in their households.

“We have the opportunity to now do what we wanted to do, and it is in a community that really needs support,” she said.

You can pay a visit to Plant and People, but first, book an appointment so Perry-Thomas can teach you everything you need to know about the benefit of plants.

The business also offers workshops, education, events, and consultations.


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