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Award-winning podcast “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls” will premiere soon

Among the voices that will give life to the characters are those of Gloria Estefan and Natalia Reyes.


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The series, produced and distributed by the content producer Adonde Media, presents stories about the lives of successful women who have left a mark on history for daring to break the mold.

Celebrated Cast

With the support of Rebel Girls, a renowned global empowerment brand for girls, the Spanish adaptation of “Cuentos De Buenas Noches Para Niñas Rebeldes” will feature a cast of renowned Latin stars, including:

  • Noted singer, producer, and songwriter Gloria Estefan tells the story and legacy of Celia Cruz, the queen of salsa.
  • Ilia Calderón, the first Afro-Latina to present the news on one of the main Hispanic networks in the United States, will lend her voice to recount the life of Oprah Winfrey.
  • Immigration rights activist and advocate Lorella Praeli will narrate the story of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • Eglantina Zingg, the revolutionary model, television show runner and activist, will tell the story of Lady Gaga.
  • The actress, producer and environmentalist Natalia Reyes will tell the story of Jane Goodall, the most famous primatologist in the world.
  • Isidora Guzmán, one of the youngest advocates for the inclusion of people with disabilities in Chile, will share the story of Nobel Peace Prize winner and educational activist Malala Yousafzai.

“From the beginning, our mission at Adonde Media has been to expand who gets to hear powerful storytelling in audio. Not only will young Spanish-speaking girls and boys now get to hear these important stories of pioneering women throughout history, but also the young people who are learning Spanish can now access these stories to improve their listening comprehension and cultural knowledge in their new language – all for free,” said Martina Castro, CEO of Adonde Media and Executive Producer of the podcast.

These are other voices and stories from the first season:

  • Ana Flores, a powerful businesswoman working to help Latinas in the United States, presents the story of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • Valeria Edelsztein, scientist, educator and popularizer of science will lend her voice to narrate the surprising story of the actress and inventor, Hedy Lamarr.
  • The story of artist Frida Kahlo will be told by the Mexican singer, songwriter and activist, Lila Downs.
  • Former gymnast and now Hollywood superstar, Mexican actress Karla Souza, tells the story of Naomi Osaka.

“With 2 million copies of Rebel Girls’ books sold in Spanish, we are delighted to partner with Adonde Media to now offer our podcast episodes in Spanish as well. It’s a thrill to see women including Gloria Estefan and Lorella Praeli, whose empowering stories we’ve told in our books and podcast, lend their voices to these new versions,” noted Jes Wolfe, Rebel Girls’ CEO.

The first season premieres on September 15. All episodes of the season will be open and available on Spotify, Apple and other podcast platforms.

About Rebel Girls

Rebel Girls is a multi-platform global brand of empowerment through content, experiences, products and community. It achieved international recognition with the children's book, "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" where it expanded on the real-life stories of extraordinary women who have shone throughout history and the world.

To date, it has sold more than 8 million books in 49 languages and has reached 18 million digital audio listeners. Among the recognitions it has received are the list of best-selling books from The New York Times, the Apple Design Award for Social Impact 2022, and several Webby awards in family, children and educational categories.

About Adonde Media

The most outstanding podcasts of Adonde include: “Duolingo Spanish,” “TED en Español,” “El Verdadero Robo del Siglo”, “Emprendedores con Luis Von Ahn,” “Canción Exploder” “Vivo Songbook,” and “Después de Ayotzinapa,” among others.


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