Dieu's eatery has been opened since April of last year. Photo: Mi 'N Tea.
Dieu's eatery has been opened since April of last year. Photo: Mi 'N Tea.

Mi N’ Tea: The restaurant selling Vietnamese creations that have been handed down for generations

Founder Kim Dieu opened her restaurant at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but has seen great success thanks to her unique creations


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Kim Dieu was always raised to believe that dinner was the most important time of day to converse and catch up with family.

“My mother instilled that in my brother and me,” said Dieu, owner of Mi ‘N Tea in Manayunk.

Her parents, who are from South Vietnam, have always been passionate about the authentic recipes they brought with them.

“My parents always dreamed of opening a restaurant,” she said.

With the help of her brother, who has over 10 years of experience in sales and customer service, she decided that last year would be the perfect time to open up a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant on Manayunk’s Main Street.

“We have so many traditional Bánh Mi’s that are original recipes from my mom and dad, but we also have recipes that are trendy and fun,” she said.

With the opening in April 2020, Dieu’s 10-year dream became a reality, and an almost instant hit.

“Everything fell into place and it just worked out for us,” she said.

Dieu’s parents also fell in love with the business and locals felt the same way with the reliable and consistent dishes that are served on a daily basis.

“We wanted to add authenticity but also something that is modern and we also wanted to show our customers that quality that we will always have,” she said.

Many sandwiches on their menu cannot be found in other Vietnamese restaurants.

One sandwich, in particular, is a take on Japanese culture.

It features a deep-fried filet mignon, which is a take on Japan’s deep-fried wagyu beef sandwiches.

Another sandwich that’s a best seller is their shrimp bánh mi that is created with deep-fried jumbo shrimp, pickled carrots, daikon, and cucumbers.

“We also have bubble tea, which is Tawainese,” said Dieu.

One popular bubble tea sold is called “Purple Daze” that is made with taro, green tea, cream, and tapioca bubbles.

“Taro is a starchy vegetable similar to a potato, but with a different texture,” she said.

Along with the taro — which is a key ingredient to certain bubble teas that they sell — they also use it to make a side dish for any sandwich.

“We make taro chips and taro fries that people have tried and it’s been a great hit,” she said.

In its short time being open Dieu’s restaurant has distinguished itself as a unique eatery that has gained the trust of locals in Manayunk.

“We made sure that customers can have something fast and casual where if you don’t feel comfortable eating in, you can grab and go,” she said.

If you are in Manayunk and want to discover a light and airy sandwich with plenty of crunch, check out Mi ‘N Tea’s menu. They also offer delivery services.


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