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Representation in these industries has grown. Photo: Pixabay.

Philadelphia, in the top 50 best U.S. cities for women working in STEM

It was also ranked as the 4th best city in the Northeast.


Dish It Up 2023

May 24th, 2023


CommercialCafe, a commercial real estate industry news and reports blog, recently released a list of 124 cities with New York ranking first for female representation in this area.

For this classification, a methodology focused on what the publication considers to be highly relevant factors was used, including indicators that track local STEM employment, as well as the levels and evolution of women's income in relation to the general sector in the local economy.

CommercialCafe highlights:

A key early element in women’s eventual success is representation. And, while improvement in this sense has been slow, some places in the U.S. have made more progress than others.

Top 10 US Cities for Women in STEM

The maximum possible total score was 30 points.

  1. New York City, NY — 19.10 pts
  2. Seattle, WA — 17.07 pts
  3. San Jose, CA — 14.66 pts
  4. San Francisco, CA — 14.43 pts
  5. Fremont, CA — 14.22 pts
  6. Austin, TX — 13 pts
  7. Los Angeles, CA — 12.43
  8. San Diego, CA — 12.31
  9. Chicago, IL — 12.04
  10. Washington, D.C. — 11.52

The Big Apple Secures the Lead

New York is highlighted by CommercialCafe for being an economy in which both the STEM sector and the representation of women in it have grown considerably in recent years.

Among the figures published, the following stand out:

  • New York was home to the largest number of women working in STEM in 2021 (nearly 80,000), marking 33.2% representation among local STEM jobs.
  • The city also stood out among the rest for most female STEM workers added in 5 years, with 23,111 more women joining the local STEM workforce since 2017.
  • STEM occupations in New York City overall totaled more than 240,400 jobs, representing 6.3% of total local employment.
  • The five-year increase of 49,200 STEM jobs since 2017 represented the highest number of STEM jobs added among locations surveyed for the report.
Top Northeastern U.S. Cities for Representation of Women in STEM. Graphic: CommercialCafe.  
Top Northeastern U.S. Cities for Representation of Women in STEM. Graphic: CommercialCafe.

How did Philly Do?

Here are some of the highlights for the City of Brotherly Love:

  • In the national ranking, it was ranked 48th (among 124)
  • With a total score of 7.84 points, Philadelphia was ranked 4th among the Best Northeast U.S. Cities for Women Working in STEM. Within this group, the city ranked behind Jersey City, N.J. (8.30 points), Boston, Mass. (10.02 points) and New York City, N.Y. (19.10 points)
  • As of 2021, Philadelphia had 14,276 women working in STEM, representing the third-largest female STEM workforce among the region's top 10 cities.
  • Women accounted for 30% of STEM jobs in Philadelphia and earned a median income of $63,974, which ranked fourth among the top 10 Northeast US cities we compared for the regional ranking.
  • Cities in the Northeast U.S. accounted for 10 of the 123 locations included in the current ranking, making it the smallest regional group in the mix.

Meanwhile, another Pennsylvania city, Pittsburgh, followed in the Northeast, ranking 5th in the region and reaching the 75th position nationally with a score of 6.77.


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