Elvita Quiñones, the President of ALPFA Philadelphia, is attending her the 50th Anniversary ALPFA Convention. Photo: Harrison Brink/AL DÍA News.
Elvita Quiñones, the President of ALPFA Philadelphia, is attending her the 50th Anniversary ALPFA Convention. Photo: Harrison Brink/AL DÍA News.

ALPFA Philly President Elvita Quiñones looks forward to attending her first ALPFA Convention

This year, ALPFA will be celebrating its 50-year anniversary during its Annual Convention, taking place Aug. 7-11.


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It has been 50 years since ALPFA (the Association of Latino Professionals for America) was originally established.

The organization is the oldest and longest-standing Latino professional organization in the United States, officially forming in 1972.

Over the past quarter-century, the organization has grown to now include more than 95,000 active members, 157 student chapters in universities across the nation, and 44 professional chapters. 

This month, ALPFA will be celebrating its 50th anniversary during its Annual Convention.

Elvita Quiñones, who this year was installed as the new President of ALPFA Philadelphia, said she is very much looking forward to attending her first Convention.

“I’m so excited to see a bunch of Latinx professionals in one space,” Quiñones told AL DÍA. “That’s exciting.”

The Convention has been a consistent platform for Latino professionals and students to support one another, learn together and plan for the future success of the Latino community. 

This will be the first time the Convention will be held in-person since 2019, prior to the pandemic. 

The theme of this year’s 50th Anniversary Convention is “The Road Traveled… The Road Ahead.” 

The goal is to celebrate all that the ALPFA has accomplished in the first 50 years of its existence, and looks ahead to the next five decades and beyond, all with an eye toward continuing to provide more opportunities for success within the Latino community.

The organization originally started as a way to address the lack of opportunities and visibility of Latinos in the accounting and finance industries. 

However, as the years went on, the organization grew more inclusive, merging with the National Hispanic Business Association (NHBA) and becoming the premier organization serving to develop the next generation of Latino leaders. 

When it comes to the road ahead, Quiñones thinks of the hundreds of students who are expected to attend this year’s Convention.

They especially resonate with her given how the majority of her professional career has been about working toward providing valuable connections, resources and opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.

“We’re trying to get as many students to go as possible,” said Quiñones. 

She had previously led the ALPFA chapter at Temple University, where she spent five years as its staff advisor. 

With ticket costs as one of the primary barriers to attendance, the national chapter has put together an extensive fundraising campaign to help consolidate and subsidize some of the costs, with help from its various corporate sponsors. 

ALPFA has opened numerous doors for Quiñones throughout her professional career, and it is her strong belief that it can do the same for many students. 

“The support system of ALPFA is an affirming space to feel safe,” she said. 

Students can expect ample opportunities to build their network, find internship and job positions, scholarships, and even mentorship. 

The Annual Convention attracts over 2,500 attendees, and will provide unique opportunities to engage with students and professionals in a variety of different ways.

Over the course of the Convention, dozens of sessions, providing valuable information for all attendees. Topics include financial literacy, optimizing emotional wellness, allyship in the workplace, diversity, equity and inclusion, and much more. 

The 2022 ALPFA Convention will take place Aug. 7-11 in Orlando, Florida. For more information about the 50th anniversary celebration, click here.


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