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LDC officially launches the Latino Data Collaborative Think Tank

It is a new branch of the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) focused on expanding its efforts.


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Building on its ongoing commitment to produce independently funded research and analysis on the economic contributions and value of Latinos in the United States, the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) officially launched its new initiative, the Latino Data Collaborative Think Tank (LDCTT).

Sol Trujillo, co-founder and chairman of LDC, said in a statement:

Understanding who the U.S. customers are in the new general market of the 21st century has always been a path to higher success, economic growth, and ROI margins.


LDCTT was created with the goal of presenting research that leads to new ideas to stimulate the economy as heightened by Latinos in the United States.

Through a guide, it offers corporations important lessons for engaging with U.S. Latinos, while providing the foundation for building a fact-based toolkit that empowers planning and resource allocation across all sectors.

With our new branch, The Latino Data Collaborative Think Tank, we will scale up the production of fact-based data that resource allocators need to tap into the U.S. Latino cohort, which constitutes almost 20% of the population and 25% of young Americans, according to the U.S. Census 2020,” added Trujillo.

About LDC

LDC is an independently funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on reframing and advancing the accurate perception, representation, and understanding of the contributions that American Latinos make to American society.

Today, the LDC has become the most trusted foundation of key conversations about U.S. Latinos as economic catalyzers,” noted Ana Valdez, LDC CEO.

To date, LDC has developed more than 48 original reports and research pieces highlighting the economic impact of American Latinos across all industries.

It is characterized by promoting a high-level friendly dialogue with the objective of finding the best ways to increase revenue and market share, attracting, targeting, and serving Latino audiences.

Among the organizations that endorse and make use of the information provided by LCD, some of the most reputable academic and think tank leaders stand out, including Stanford, UCLA, Columbia University, the University of Notre Dame, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, Nielsen, NERA, and Hill & Knowlton.

Establishing the LDCTT as a branch that focuses solely on research will allow us to continue to grow the infrastructure needed to multiply the number of reports and depth of our data,” concluded Valdez.


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