Athleta comercial campaign with Alicia Keys.
Celebrities like Alicia Keys have joined campaigns for Athleta in the past. Photo: @Athleta.

Athleta partners with The Power of She for Women's History Month

Eleven athletes are also on board to create impact and inspire products.


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In honor of Women's History Month, and International Women's Day on March 8, Athleta recently announced a collaboration with The Power of She Collective to promote wellness in the sports community.

Mary Beth Laughton, Athleta president and CEO, noted:

We’ve seen the impact our partnerships have had on increasing awareness for our brand and reinforcing our heritage as a performance brand for women and girls.

With the campaign, comes a dynamic new community of inspiring brand partners, who are accomplished athletes and women's champions supporting women, enabling Athleta to make a $175,000 donation to the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) in honor of The Power of She Fund, to continue advocating for women's equality in sports and life.

The Power of She Collective will have a unique seat at the table to influence innovative performance products, access personal and professional mentorship opportunities, and participate in the brand's impact programs.

One powerful alliance of many

Athleta's purpose-driven partnership philosophy, which began when the company first signed Allyson Felix in 2019 and Simone Biles in 2021, is grounded in shared values aimed at creating impact.

“Athleta has supported me holistically as not just an athlete, but a mother and activist since day one. I’m excited for the opportunity to come together with other women and use our collective experiences as athletes, as moms, entrepreneurs and all that we are, to not only support each other, but make the world a better place for women and girls. Athleta is giving us the space and support to do that,” said Félix, a legacy Athleta partner. 

Athleta's newest partners include women in a variety of sports and points in their careers:

  1. Albane Valenzuela (Golf)
  2. Brenna Huckaby (Paralympic Snowboarding)
  3. Heather O’Reilly (Soccer)
  4. Jesse “Flex” Labreck (American Ninja Warrior)
  5. Jessica Mendoza (Softball)
  6. Katie Zaferes (Triathlon)
  7. Mariah Bell (Figure Skating)
  8. Monica Puig (Tennis)
  9. Monique Billings (Basketball)
  10. Natalie Coughlin (Swimming)
  11. Winter Vinecki (Freestyle Aerial Skiing)

“We are thrilled to expand our network of powerful women who truly embody the Power of She and give them a seat at our table. We know that when women support each other, we move forward,” added Laughton.

The donation to WSF is the latest in Athleta's collaboration with the nonprofit.

Founded by Billie Jean King in 1974, WSF is recognized for its advocacy for Title IX protection and its work to design policies and practices that promote equity, inclusion, and access for girls and women in sports.


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