Netflix will adapt the novel "Pedro Páramo".
Netflix will adapt the novel Pedro Páramo. Graphic: Netflix.

Juan Rulfo's classic 'Pedro Páramo' to be a Netflix movie

Pedro Páramo, the classic novel by Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, will be adapted into a Netflix original movie.


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A classic work read by most Latin Americans in school is about to become a Netflix original movie.

The novel by Mexico's Juan Rulfo, belonging to the Latin American boom, will be adapted by the streaming giant.

The news was announced through a statement about the upcoming premieres in Mexico on Netflix, but no details were given about the production or the team in charge. Netflix's Vice President of Content for Latin America Francisco Ramos said the project is a "commitment to Mexican culture."

"I came to Comala because I was told that my father, a certain Pedro Páramo, lived here. My mother told me. And I promised her that I would come to see him as soon as she died," reads the beginning of the book.

Published in 1955 by Fondo de Cultura Económica, Pedro Páramo is a novel that includes magical realism, and the language is quite sophisticated, which implies a certain complexity when adapting the book to cinematography. The book tells the story of Juan Preciado, who arrives in Comala in search of his father, Pedro Páramo. 

The streaming giant announced its commitment for Mexican films to be seen more and reach many people as part of the celebration of the National Day of  Mexican Cinema on Aug. 15. Under the phrase "for Mexico to be seen is to make Mexican cinema reach further, and for more cinema to reach Netflix," the platform will include films that have only been seen at festivals.

However, this would not be the first screen adaptation of this novel.

Back in 1967, Carlos Velo directed the film starring Ignacio López Tarso, the screenplay of that feature film was in charge of Carlos Fuentes.

Netflix is also not the only platform with plans to produce audiovisual content by Latin American authors. Amazon Prime also announced it will have a new series inspired by Noticia de un secuestro by Colombian Gabriel García Márquez.

With these initiatives, Latin American cinema will likely be able to reach more corners of the world.


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