Christina Aguilera. Photo from de Usa Today
Christina Aguilera. Photo: USA Today

Is Christina Aguilera the new 'Diva de la Banda'?

There are rumors about Christina Aguilera starring in the new biopic of singer Jenni Rivera


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The life of the famous singer Jenni Rivera will be shown on the big screen in a biopic, 10 years after the tragic accident that killed her. 'La Diva de la Banda' died in 2012 at the age of 43 in plane crash, but her legacy is still alive and will be immortalized in a new biographical film.

Ever since the TV version of the novel, Mariposa de Barrio, premiered on Netflix, Rivera's family has talked about the biographical film and even a documentary project.

Rumors about who could play Rivera in the feature film also started immediately, as Juan Rivera, revealed that Christina Aguilera was one of the last people to read the script. 

"We need her to be able to sing because we want her to sing... Christina Aguilera is a monster," complimented Rivera.

Jenni's brothers are excited that Aguilera can bring the character of the diva to life, not only because of her powerful vocal abilities, but also because of her acting skills and that she is also a Latina. The Riveras remembered fondly that Jenni was always a great admirer of Christina and know that this admiration is mutual, as Christina expressed on Twitter when Jenni passed away.

The reactions of fans on social media about the possible performance have been immediate, making comments about both singers bodies, and about an intention of whitewashing on the big screen, making comparisons about the singer's family and Selena's family, who they accuse of "profiting" from the singer's image.

Regardless, the film will be released at the end of the year. Aguilera has not made any public comments on the subject yet, keeping everyone waiting. 



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