"My cinema is social, authorial and vindictive". PHOTOGRAPHY: Gunpowder Heart
"My cinema is social, authorial and vindictive." Photo: Gunpowder Heart

The fusion of malagueño and Latin American cinema in 'Gunpowder Heart'

The story of Inés Nofuentes is about her production company that is committed to cinema of all nationalities.


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Curuxa Cinema is a production company that seeks to highlight the interactions between Spanish and Latin American cinema from Malaga as a result of the work between teams of different nationalities and always seeking to preserve the essences.

This production company is the result of the story of the Spaniard Inés Nofuentes who traveled to Mexico and ended up living there for seven years, where this story of synergies emerged, which she has now wanted to preserve by returning to Malaga. Between Guatemala and Mexico, she said she rediscovered her passion for the seventh art.

"My cinema is social, authorial and vindictive. I am especially interested in the link between the creator and the story. To produce a story, it has to generate something inside me, and that is what I want the viewer to feel when watching it," he wrote.

"With Curuxa's line of training, I want to establish an ideal space where I can generate ideas and explore new ways to narrate, produce and search for my own identity, without losing sight of the link with international markets."

"The cinema that I conceive has to go beyond the theaters. They have to be stories that lead the audience to a reflection, that after watching the film there is a talk about it," added the producer in an article for La Opinión de Málaga.

Gunpowder Heart

Gunpowder Heart is the producer's latest film and Camila Urrutia's debut feature, which has so far won the RTVE award for Best Ibero-American Film at the Ibero-American Festival of Huelva, and has just been shortlisted in the category of Best Ibero-American Fiction Film at the 2021 Platino Awards.

The film tells the story of Claudia and María, two friends who must confront violence against women in Guatemala. A work of social fiction shot with very few resources with a Guatemalan cast but seeking to preserve the Spanish essence of the production.

The film stars Andrea Henry and Vanessa Fernández, both nominated for the Colón de Plata award for debut actresses. It was shot mainly in Guatemala, but the production was carried out by an Andalusian team with Paloma Peñarubio in charge of the soundtrack and Delia Márquez with the final editing.


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