"Lopez vs. Lopez" airs every Friday on NBC. Photo: Instagram SelenisLeyva
'Lopez vs. Lopez' airs every Friday on NBC. Photo: Instagram- SelenisLeyva

Selenis Leyva talks about Latino representation in 'Lopez vs. Lopez'

The actress told NBC News about her excitement being part of the comedy.


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Afro-Latina actress Selenis Leyva said Lopez vs. Lopez, starring George and Mayan Lopez may change the way Americans see Latinos.

"I definitely wanted to get on board and be a part of what I feel is like a history-making movement right now, with this show," said Leyva, who plays Lopez's ex-wife on the series. 

Leyva specifically said that "Latino representation in the media is becoming more and more common, and that's why Lopez vs. Lopez has become relevant, as it tells positive stories of Latinos in the country."

The actress also told NBC that usually "in casting, when you are Latina, you are the victim, you are less," however "in this series, no, Rosie is a self-made woman with her own business and she is a hard worker, just like Mayan. So we're showing Latinos in such a positive light, and I love that." 

Lopez vs. Lopez shows how Latinos work and live and "is challenging viewers to see us in a more grounded and complete way," concluded Leyva.

Other cross-cutting themes touched upon in the series are mental health, forgiveness and the consequences left by the pandemic in the community.  

Leyva also noted that the series strives to touch on themes that connect with the everyday lives of Americans. 

Lopez vs. Lopez, which airs on NBC, focuses on the generational tension between Mayan Lopez and her father George Lopez, who is also her father in real life.


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