The film 'Próprio,' directed by Brazilian producer Rafael Thomaseto, was recently screened at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival. Photo: Courtesy.
The film 'Próprio,' directed by Brazilian producer Rafael Thomaseto, was recently screened at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival. Photo: Courtesy.

Latinx movies to celebrate Pride Month

Pride Month is celebrated with street demonstrations, concerts, literature gatherings, and also on the big screen.


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LGBTQ+ Pride Month is celebrated annually between the end of June and the beginning of July to commemorate the Stonewall Riots in New York City, which happened in 1969. The remembrance of this event, which occurred 53 years ago, serves to demand social inclusion, rights and equal opportunities for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer communities.

In all the countries of the world, except in some where homosexuality is still prohibited and penalized by law, demonstrations, concerts, and competitions are organized that encourage the participation of the LGBTQ+ community and society as a whole.

In the various artistic disciplines that celebrate diversity, cinema is not far behind and has much to contribute.

For this reason, AL DÍA prepared a list of new films directed by Latinx filmmakers, which are currently touring in renowned international festivals and are must-sees during Pride Month.

Próprio (Self)

This short film tells the story of Fernando, a teenager who lives in the traditional countryside of the cosmopolitan Brazilian city of São Paulo. Pressured by his classmates to have his first sexual encounter, the young man decides to meet an older man he met online. The connection between the two does not go as expected.

Próprio trailer from Driven Equation on Vimeo.

This 14-minute film is from Brazilian director and producer Rafael Thomaseto.

Próprio was shot in Brazil in 2019, premiered at Festival Mix Brasil in 2020, and was screened at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) in 2022. The short film is currently available on the streaming service DEKKO (U.S.), and will soon also be available at ARGO as part of the Brazilian Filmmakers Collective Playlist. 

Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter

This film tells the story of three young queer people who live in São Paulo, a city that is facing the appearance of a virus that affects the brain and one's ability to remember. In the midst of this situation, the characters are forced to go through complex circumstances like lack of work, uncertainty about a better future, and close experiences with HIV.

The film, directed by the Brazilian Gustavo Vinagre, won the Teddy Award for Best Feature Film at the 2022 Teddy Awards.

Wandering Heart

After a breakup, single gay dad Santiago reaches a turning point in his life. The imminent departure of his daughter, Laila, also shakes him.

“The fear of being alone threatens to swallow him whole and his behavior becomes increasingly erratic. Over the course of a chaotic summer divided between Argentina and Brazil, Santiago must learn to let Laila go so that each can find their respective freedoms,” reads the synopsis of the film directed by the Argentina's Leonardo Brzezicki.

The feature film was presented this year at LALIFF and at the San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival.

Uyra: The Rising Forest

Uýra is the alter-ego of Emerson, a non-binary performance artist and environmentalist of Indigenous origin who lives in Manaus, in northern Brazil. Marginalized as an Indigenous, queer and trans person, Uýra transforms and raises her voice to be seen and heard. She dresses up and dazzles to promote a message of environmental protection and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

The 63-minute production is directed by Brazilian director Juliana Curi. It was screened this year at the Frameline Festival, considered the most important in the world for LGBTQ+ productions.


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