Celebrities pointed out the need for structural reform. PHOTOGRAPHY: Unotv
Celebrities pointed out the need for structural reform. Photo: Uno TV

Controversy at the Golden Globes: HFPA loses endorsement for lack of diversity and ethics

They have been left without the support of Amazon and Netflix as well as without a broadcast channel.


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During the last five days a series of small boycotts and protests against the organization of the Golden Globes has left them without support from channels, production companies and distributors, as well as losing their main television broadcasting platform after more than 70 years.

The main complaints are the lack of Black voters, the lack of transparency and a reform proposal that comes late and looks insufficient.

This latest chapter began on May 6, when the Golden Globes organization, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) unveiled its action plan after the previous months of controversy. Its aim was to enhance diversity and transparency by opening membership to ethnic minority journalists by 50% over the next 18 months.

The plan has proved insufficient by all accounts as a day later the Netflix and Amazon production companies raised their voices promising a breakup if the measures did not prove to be more efficient. That is why they had already advanced that they would paralyze all their activities with the HFPA until they did not solve their problems.

"We hear your concerns about the changes our association needs to make and want to assure you that we are working diligently on them. We would love to meet with you and your team so we can review the specific actions already underway. An open dialogue will help address these concerns as quickly as possible," the organization replied.

Their problems grew yesterday, Monday, when NBC announced that it will not broadcast the Golden Globes ceremony in 2022 despite having done so since 1996 until they face a change of magnitude. The network kept the door open to dialogue in 2023, convinced that "the HFPA is committed to meaningful reform."

Actors and actresses who had previously pointed out the grievances of the whole scandal soon joined this collective denunciation. Scarlett Johansson pointed out the need for "structural reform" after exposing that she had been subjected to "sexist questions and comments by certain members of the HFPA that bordered on sexual harassment."

Other celebrities also said Friday's reforms were slow and insufficient, and more than 100 public relations firms threatened to tell their clients not to work with the HFPA organization until the changes were addressed.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, some actors such as Tom Cruise have even returned statuettes once awarded to them by the organization.

There are also several media that refer to this boycott in terms of cancellation culture, but the truth is that it was disheartening that awards with so much social impact were governed by such an opaque system.


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