Antonio Banderas, before the Goya Gala. File image.
Antonio Banderas before the Goya Gala. Photo: File image.

'Barracuda': the gangster movie by Antonio Banderas in Greece

Antonio Banderas will shoot a gangster movie in Thessaloniki, the Greek city that will be transformed into Miami.


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"Barracuda" is the name of the next film to be shot by Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.  It is a film about gangsters for which they will have to travel to the Greek city of Thessaloniki, which in post-production will be transformed into Florida, USA. The film tells the history of a former criminal, played by Banderas, who has to deal with his old criminal circles to save a little girl.

"It will be a film that will not show Thessaloniki and Greece but the conditions and infrastructure to become Miami."

Although there are not many details provided in this regard, it is known that the producer of  the film, Robert Van Norden, is currently in this city of Thessaloniki to choose the locations for the shooting.


It is estimated that the film will cost 20 million euros, equivalent to some $24 million. It was announced to the local media that shooting will begin in two weeks and the crews will be in Greece for five weeks, during which 30 days of filming are planned. 

The Spanish actor is coming back to work after a difficult year in relation to his own health: he lived through the covid last year and also overcame a heart attack.

"My birthday is in two months and I ask not to get sick anymore. Between the heart attack and then the COVID, I'm fed up. I have to try everything!" joked Banderas. 


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