Fito Paez, Argentine singer and composer. Photo: Getty.
Fito Paez is a legendary Argentine singer and composer. Photo: Getty Images.

Fito Paez series set to premiere on Netflix

The series 'El amor después del amor' will be available on the streaming platform starting April 26.


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“This intimate biographical series details the life and career of Fito Paez, one of Argentina's most important artists, and his musical journey alongside rock icons such as Charly García, Fabiana Cantilo, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Juan Carlos Baglietto, and more,” reads the synopsis of El amor después del amor, a new series diving into the life of rock star Fito Paez, coming to Netflix at end of April 2023.

El amor después del amor will review 30 years of the personal and professional life of one of the most important musical stars of Latin American rock.

Produced by Juan Pablo Kolodziej and Mariano Chihade of Mandarina Contenidos, the new biographical TV series made in Argentina will portray the universe of the renowned Argentine musician, singer-songwriter, composer and film director, traversed by pain, loss, tragedy, success, failure, excess, love, and many songs.

The series, which will air eight episodes, stars Gaspar Offenhenden and Ivos Hochman, who will play Paez as a child and adult, respectively.

The series will also see renowned music legends played by: Micaela Riera (as Fabiana Cantilo), Andy Chango (as Charly García), Julián Kartún (as Luis Alberto Spinetta), Daryna Butryk (as Cecilia Roth) and Joaquín Baglietto (as Juan Carlos Baglietto). In addition, the cast is made by Martín 'Campi' Campilongo (as Rodolfo Paez, Fito's father) and Mirella Pascual (as Belia, Fito's grandmother).

El amor después del amor will drop on the Netflix on April 26.

Production credits go to Mandarina Contenidos while Felipe Gómez Aparicio and Gonzalo Tobal served as directors.

A special biopic 

It is no coincidence that the series bears the same name as the album Páez released in 1992. El amor después del amor sold more than a million copies just in Argentina, a record for the country and Latin America, where it is still a legendary rock album after three decades. 

The 14-song album was inspired by a new romance the singer had at that time. This love motivated him after a previous breakup. Although the relationship did not last more than 10 years, the inspiration and illusion of the new romance catapulted Fito's album and took him to perform more than 100 shows in 1992 and 1993.


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