Ambulante Festival table.
An Ambulante Festival table event. Photo: Ambulante Festival

Ambulante Festival celebrates 16 years of its documentary tour

In his 16th edition of the Ambulante Festival documentary tour, Diego Luna talked about the importance of the genre in the film industry.


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Mexican actor and director Diego Luna celebrated that from November 3 to 5, the 16th edition of the Ambulante Festival will be held and affirmed that the festival's trajectory has been "a dream fulfilled." 

Founder of the festival, Luna reiterated his commitment and the social work the documentary genre fulfills in the country.

"The documentary has come to occupy a space that fiction has left empty and it is exciting to see that not only happens on one side [creators], Ambulante lives throughout the year because there is a brutal need to keep that coming and going," Luna said at a press conference.

For Luna, the Ambulante Festival has exceeded his expectations and those of the organizers. Over time, it has grown and evolved into educational projects, dialogue tables between communities and has even resulted in social actions.

"A lot has happened in 16 years and Ambulante has been there to transform itself and serve an audience that has also been growing and changing," he said.

The event was attended by important industry figures, such as the director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE), María Novaro, who spoke about the documentary tour as an example to learn from due to its contribution to the reconstruction of Mexican cinema.

Novaro assured that the documentary is currently the most equitable genre in terms of cultural and gender diversity.

"It is a territory where gender equality is already happening, there is an almost equal number of female and male directors, it is also a territory of inclusion because there are voices from all regions of the country and from different types of communities that produce audiovisuals," said the director.

The 16th edition of Ambulante's documentary tour will travel through the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Veracruz, Aguascalientes, Michoacán and Mexico City, and will also host a virtual edition between December 6 and 15 for free.


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