Cover of the album "Palabras Urgentes" by Afro-Peruvian musician Susana Baca. 
Cover of the album Palabras Urgentes by Afro-Peruvian musician Susana Baca.

Susana Baca announces upcoming album, 'Palabras Urgentes'

On Oct. 8, the latest album by the Afro-Peruvian artist will be released in celebration of her 50 years of art.


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Palabras Urgentes is the name of the latest album by Afro-Peruvian singer Susana Baca, and it will be released on Oct. 8 under the label Real World Records.

This album is a celebration of the artist's 50-year music career. The multiple Grammy Award winner, cultural manager and the first Afro-Peruvian cabinet minister, Palabras Urgentes is a production that encompasses all of Susana's experiences in her 76 years of life.

The album was recorded as a protest, and with the intention of generating debate and confronting everything that is happening these days. Between a beautiful and complex musicality, combined with the need to express herself through her lyrics, Palabras Urgentes is born as an honest and convincing product.

Baca released "La Herida Oscura," the first single from the album, on July 30, in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the independence of Peru, her native country and as a tribute to Micaela Bastidas, Indigenous woman and guerrilla leader of the independence movement.

"I sing 'La Herida Oscura' almost as if it were a secret, with the same intensity and love towards our history, I sing this song and I will continue to sing it.... Here you can find every bit of rhythm, no word is missing," said Susana.

The album was recorded in Cañete, a town south of Lima, the capital of Peru, and features 10 songs, each an individual track that allows the listener to travel through a musical reflection on the traditions of Peru. Baca addresses topics such as feminism, freedom and education, and reflects on her life, transporting the listener on a journey between romance, pain, strength and hope.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist and leader of iconic New York band Snarky Puppy, Michael League, the album has a fresh aproach, and a universal and contemporary sound.

"In my own spirit and with the heart and talent of all who have contributed, we offer this album as a renewal of our traditional music. I hope that those who listen to this album will feel a love for life and for living truthfully," said Baca.


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