Album cover, "Vacío." Photos: Lissy Elle
Album cover, "Vacío." Photos: Lissy Elle

Pop artists Jarina De Marco and Empress Of team up for new collab, ‘Vacío’

"Vacío" is the first collaboration between the duo, who are also good friends.


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The Los Angeles-based pop artist Jarina De Marco has teamed up with Lorely Rodriguez, the artist known as Empress Of, for the new track, “Vacío.”

The single was released on Thursday, Sept. 2, and was released alongside a visualizer.

De Marco is a Dominican and Brazilian recording artist. In addition to music, she is a creative visionary who breaks borders in the industry, blending different sounds and influences. 

She tackles various aspects of her work head-on, remaining active in songwriting, production, visual design, and video direction throughout the creative process.

The artist sings in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and is also an outspoken advocate of women’s rights, human rights, and gender equality. 

Empress Of is a fellow pop artist and singer who released her debut LP in 2015. “Vacío” is the first collaboration between De Marco and Empress Of.

Together, the electro-pop artists come together to celebrate a long friendship through musical collaboration. 

A love tune, “Vacío” speaks to the purity of spontaneous love through the motif of dance. The song name itself, represents the feeling of emptiness.

Despite ideas of uncertainty surrounding the track, “Vacío” is sonically a wholehearted dance track with rhythmic production and uplifted vocals.

De Marco has expressed what the song personally means to her:

“The song is about working through the uncertainties and anxieties of a romantic relationship that is on the precipice of falling deeply in love. I was freaking out and I just had to give in and let go of control. ‘Vacío’ is a fierce declaration of commitment to the unknown,” she said.

The single’s cover art features two elaborate portraits of the duo, each with their own unique version, photographed by Lissy Elle.

The cover art was an elaborate process with a makeup artist (Elaina Karras), hair stylists (Lady SoulFly and ChaTwaka JacKson), and an artist (Daniel Bromberg).

The single was produced by Stint, a Canadian-born songwriter and record producer. In the past, Stint has worked with big-name pop stars such as Demi Lovato and Carly Rae Jepsen. 

“Vacío” by Jarina De Marco and Empress Of is out now.


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