La rapera Cardi B gana un juicio por difamación.
Rapper Cardi B recently won a defamation lawsuit. Photo: Getty Images.

Cardi B wins defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K

Rapper Cardi B just won a million-dollar lawsuit in a defamation case against YouTuber Tasha K.


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On Monday, Jan. 24, a federal jury in Atlanta awarded Cardi B a million-dollar sum in a defamation lawsuit against the celebrity news blogger Tasha K. The  jury decided to reward approximately $1.5 million in punitive damages, $1 million for general damages, such as pain and suffering and reputational damages, $1.3 million in litigation costs, and $250,000 in medical expenses, although both sides agreed to reduce it to $25,000.

YouTuber Latasha Kebe, also known as Tasha K posted videos claiming the rapper used cocaine, contracted herpes and engaged in prostitution. The jury found the YouTuber liable for violation of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress against the rapper. 

However, Tasha K's lawyers reported on Tuesday, Jan. 25 that they disagree with the verdict and will appeal.

According to the lawsuit, Tasha K first spoke about Cardi B in early 2018, claiming degrading and harassing facts about her. In September of the same year, she posted a video of an interview she did with a woman who said she knew Cardi B before she was famous, filled with false and defamatory statements, claiming the artist was a prostitute, had herpes, suffered mouth outbreaks, and used cocaine.

Although Cardi B's lawyers requested the removal of the video, the YouTuber posted another video restating everything said in the previous video, and also claiming that the rapper was cheating on her husband.

Cardi B filed the lawsuit against Kebe in March 2019 and the YouTuber later countersued the rapper, arguing that she had encouraged her associates and followers to threaten and harass her. U.S. District Judge William Ray dismissed Kebe's lawsuit in July for lack of evidence confirming the rapper's responsibility for any alleged assault or emotional distress.



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