Amaia Romero, file image.
Amaia Romero. Photo: Happy FM

"Yo invito," the new leaked music video from Amaia Romero 

A week ago, the young singer announced the release of her new song as part of her latest album.


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After her appearance on the reality show Operación Triunfo a few years ago, Amaia Romero became Spain's favorite new singer and remains in the spotlight to this day. The singer's fans are always on the lookout for her collaborations and concerts.

A year after the last release of El Encuentro in collaboration with Alizzz, the artist announced the first single from her new album, "Yo invito," on social media. 

However, premiere of her new song did not go as planned. The release of “Yo invito" was announced for next Friday, Oct. 1, but due to an "error" made by Universal and YouTube, fans were able to enjoy the song on Thursday, Sept. 30. 

Faced with the unexpected situation, Romero responded with humor on social media.

The young singer-songwriter's followers also responded lamenting the mistake, although were happy to be able to enjoy “Yo invito.” Romero's support has been so strong in the face of the mistake, that her followers have turned her into a trend on Twitter in just a couple hours. 

As expected, there has been no shortage of memes, gifs, and humorous responses to the situation that the singer from Navarra is going through. There has even been speculation on social if the "leak" of the video is real or a marketing strategy. If it was a strategy, her publicists hit the nail on the head.

Regardless, at 22-years-old, Romero has released the first preview of her second studio album, still without an official release date and title. Fans will continue to wait and see if the singer will continue to drop hints about her new album.


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