Carlos Vives, Científicos del Palo, Duina del Mar y Fernando Milagros.
Carlos Vives, Científicos del Palo, Duina del Mar and Fernando Milagros.

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   1.  Carlos Vives - El Orgullo de Mi Patria

It is not strange to hear the voice of Carlos Vives praising and adoring his Colombian land. Over time, this has been the distinction of the singer-songwriter of Santa Marta, who has merged vallenato, cumbia and pop in a single language. “El Orgullo de mi Patria” is part of his new production "Vives" and is dedicated to the Colombian cyclists and the national sportsman spirit.

     2.  Científicos del Palo - ¿Para qué sirve pensar?

This Mar del Plata trio has been creating a lot of talk since the late 90's, when it introduced its proposal of rock and folk fusion. After the success of their production "La histeria argentina", which covered more than 200 years of national musical history, they have released a sample of their sixth album with “¿Para qué sirve pensar?” Which promises to be a fabulous rediscover of their roots.

    3.    Duina Del Mar - Agüita Bendita

Duina del Mar has been a revelation of Colombian popular music since 2013; her direct connection with the Caribbean rhythms and with the spirituality of her country have made her the focus of the new Latin American musical wave. "Agüita Bendita" is her last single, launched on June 23, 2017, and it's that type of musical gem that makes even the shyest move.

   4.    Nenhum De Nós - O Astronauta de Mármore

That’s right, this is a Portuguese version of David Bowie's famous "Starman," and it sounds amazing. It’s No de Nós’ Thedy Corrêa’s tribute to the man who marked his career in the same way in which he influenced so many people. And with good reason: his band was one of the Brazilian musical icons during the decade of the 80s, what makes this tribute the most logical encounter between two great ones.

   5.    Fernando Milagros - Reina Japonesa

Milagros is one of the current Argentine folk-fusion exponents, having been part of a group as influential as Los Nocheros. But his solo career, with more than 14 albums, has transformed him into a pillar of Latin American music. "Reina Japonesa" is a perfect example of his work as a singer-songwriter, arranger and poet, and a must-see on any Latino playlist.


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