Churupaca, Martin Buscaglia, Jarabe de Palo, Onda Vaga, Pedropiedra.
Churupaca, Martin Buscaglia, Jarabe de Palo, Onda Vaga, Pedropiedra.

Top 5 Artists You Should Be Listening To This Week

This is AL DÍA News's weekly recommendation of Latin American music that you should be listening to right now.


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   1.     Churupaca - Palabras que matan

Churupaca is an Argentine group that was born in 2012, and merges different trends in a proposal that unites folklore, reggae, Balkan music and some colors of flamenco. For fans of Orishas, this is a gift from Patagonia that you shouldn’t be missing.

    2.    Martín Buscaglia - Presiento que esta noche soy un lirio

Buscaglia is one of the most important representatives of contemporary Latin American music. Born in Montevideo (Uruguay), Buscaglia has worked in the group and “band man” format, giving his albums the particular sonority they’ve been bringing for more than ten years.

   3.    Jarabe de Palo - Estamos prohibidos

This is a small leap to yesterday, with one of the favorite Hispanic-American bands: Jarabe de Palo, who has released their latest album 50 Palos, collecting the group's musical career in a double disc format with 21 songs. “Estamos Prohibidos” is one of the songs from the 2007 album "Adelantando", but it is always worth remembering the good things.

   4.    Onda Vaga - La menor

“La menor” is one of the themes of the second studio album by Onda Vaga, a group of southern artists (Uruguayan and Argentinean) that fuses cumbia, folk, reggae, tango and rumba. “La menor” is one of those songs that accumulate Latin American melancholy and transports us to common places.

  5.     Pedropiedra - Sol mayor

Pedro Subercaseaux García de la Huerta, better known as Pedropiedra, is a Chilean singer-songwriter and musician who has taken a solo career along with collaborating with national projects such as Jorge González, Dënver and Gepe. Sol Mayor is the sixth song from one of his first solo albums, and condenses the artist's spirit in three minutes.


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