Baby Yoda dressed as Frida Kahlo. Photo from Rossy Holguín's facebook
Baby Yoda dressed as Frida Kahlo. Photo: Facebook/Rossy Holguín

Baby Yoda goes viral again in traditional Mexican attire

Once again, The Mandalorian's most adorable character has gone viral after appearing on social media dressed in traditional Mexican garb.


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Baby Yoda is without a doubt one of the most popular characters in the world today. After The Mandalorian, his lovable image has gone global in the form of memes and gifs, but his fans have also been adapting him to their culture.

This time, the adorable character returns and has gone viral thanks to his most recent "crossover" with the best of Mexican culture. A few days ago, there was a picture of Baby Yoda dressed in a typical Mexican attire made by Colombian Rossy Holguín.

Rossy lives in the United States, but admits to have been in love with Mexico since she was very young. She designed typical Mexican outfits for the character of Baby Yoda, the most famous, so far, is the suit inspired by Frida Kahlo.

"The suits he wears are 100% Mexican, made by Mexican hands, I buy them original to encourage and support the talent of its people and the economy of this beautiful country, also to make Frida a more original character," said Holguin.

But how did this version of Baby Yoda go viral?

Baby Yoda dressed in Frida's outfit appeared on the social media account of Lady Tacos de Canasta, a famous cook and taco saleswoman, promoting it as a version of herself. Baby Yoda Tacos de Canasta wears a flower-embroidered blouse, a fabric head ornament, and a typical skirt. It's an outfit similar to those worn by Lady Tacos de Canasta herself. The image soon went viral on social media and was commented on and shared by her many followers.

Baby yoda #LadyTacosDeCanasta

Publicada por Lady tacos de canasta en Viernes, 15 de enero de 2021

Marven, known as Lady Tacos de Canasta, is originally from Oaxaca and until recently, she sold tacos on the street in Mexico City. Today, she has a place inside the Usharu restaurant.

Marven identifies herself as a muxe, a Zapotec term that refers to belonging to a third gender within the spectrum of sexual diversity.

She recognizes that she is a blessed woman to be able to walk around Mexico City in her suit and be recognized and even stopped in the streets to have her picture taken with her or a video with her typical shout of "Tacos, los tacos de canasta, tacos".

Even though Lady Tacos de Canasta was already famous and many times viral in Mexico, today she is making news again with her version of Baby Yoda.  


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