Illustration: Maybeth Peralta
Illustration: Maybeth Peralta

Is print dead? Long live print!

Welcome to the new print edition of AL DÍA, redesigned here for you. 


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AL DÍA is betting once again with this newly redesigned edition, now in your hands, on the most quixotical aspirations of our times:

The survival of print media.

Since we were born in the middle of a barrel of black ink 25 years ago —and almost drowned there as a black and white publication printed in cheap newsprint paper that turned yellow just a week after— it is not difficult for us to advocate for the survival of the Gray Lady of Journalism, seemingly dethroned, but still very much a reigning Queen:

The printed word. On paper.

We bow before this august monarch that can only be groomed by the skillful hands and brilliant mind of a good writer able to craft the thoughtful sentences.

Those sentences still in high demand by the also thoughtful readers out there, loyal in their quest for deeper meaning in between the covers of a well-designed print product they almost always settle with over the weekend after the fatigue produced by the glaring screens we tire our eyes with, all day long, Monday to Friday.

Videos, podcasts, digital photography, and augmented reality narratives produced by new artificial intelligence devices, are only mere extensions of this original invention, the well crafted words patiently pieced together by a capable writer in a good sentence, or in a well-balanced and meaningful paragraph.

Even the super shallow TV we watch today needs a good wordsmith.

Before the image shows up on the screen, it is up to a good writer to craft the original idea on a script, using the most basic tool to conjure up the image:

A word aptly written.

Written words belong to this illusion of permanency only the touchable paper can give us, not just to those transitory lines on the screen you scroll up and down and you quickly forget, while skimming through with urgency every hour of the day on your smartphone.

The real act of reading is a delayed activity, not the swift one of obsessed and superficial web surfing.

We believe the serious reader wants to get to the “why” of the matter —the bottom of it on the printed paper— not so much to the simple “what” of our 24/7 tiring news cycle on the digital screen.

We firmly believe that the apparent decline of print readership has more to do with a lack of the quality of it, than a lack of interest.

Our new investment on this new attempt to come up with ‘haute couture’ print version of AL DÍA is a bet on the future.

One in which the more things seem to change, the fundamentals are going to most likely stay the same.


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