Decenas de mujeres llegan al puerto de Valparaíso, Chile, recitando un conjuro y vestidas de luto. ¿Qué se proponen? Photo: France24
Dozens of women arrive at the port of Valparaiso, Chile, reciting a spell and dressed in mourning. What are they up to? Photo: France24

LasTesis launches a feminist 'spell' and unites Chilean women

They wanted to throw Pinochet's Constitution into the sea, but LasTesis realized that it could use the 'magic of the will' for a greater purpose.


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With only 12 days to go before Chile decides whether or not to write a new Magna Carta, women of all ages walked on Wednesday towards the sea, to the port of Valparaiso, dressed in black, mourning.
They were chanting a spell, with their eyes set in front of them and arms raised, carrying posters showing what they want to be rid of as part of Chile's future.
First, the Constitution has been with the country since the darkest times, during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet when more than 40,000 people were killed, and that incredibly, is still in place today. 
Although not for much longer. Hopefully.
However, the dozens of women led by the feminist collective, LasTesis, were carrying something else that cannot be separated from the old and bloody models that continue to hang around much of the world.
They're associated with words like 'patriarchy,' 'femicide,' 'inequality,' 'legal differences.' All of them, according to one of its leaders, Cecilia Alba, are associated with the suffering of women.
"At first it was to throw the Constitution into the sea, but later it became an event in which we wanted to throw into the sea all the negative concepts for the feminine figure," Alba explained to AFP.
It's a protest ritual that culminated as soon as the women had thrown all the posters onto the deck of a ship, and it set sail to the high seas so all the symbolic chains and traces of the past would see an end along with the fish. 
"The aim was for each one to carry a notebook so that we could take a walk together; singing a spell, which symbolizes the sorority that represents us as women," another participant told the news agency. 
The 'grimoire' of democracy 

From the beginning of the protests that shook Chile and exploded when the government of Piñera decided to raise the price of transportation and an outbreak of civil war took place, the Chilean Constitution was pointed to as the origin of the social problems the country is facing.
On Oct. 18, it will be one year since the beginning of this social explosion that began among the students and summoned all of Chilean society before being harshly repressed by the military. 
Even if President Piñera would change the events with the pretension of turning its people into a violent enemy of democracy. 
"We are at war against a powerful and implacable enemy who does not respect anything or anyone and who is willing to use violence without any limit, even when it means the loss of human lives, with the sole purpose of producing the greatest possible damage," said the Chilean leader three days after the beginning of the riots, on October 20, 2019, in a televised message.
The government reacted late, but gave in to the civil claims for justice and announced a series of reforms to put an end to the inequalities.
In the meantime, the collective LasTesis made itself known with the performance 'Un violador en tu camino,' which became a feminist hymn to be replicated in cities such as Barcelona, Mexico City, Paris and Bogotá. 
What will happen next Oct. 25? Will Chile have a better Magna Carta according to the new and more equal times?
Soon we will see if the spell of LasTesis, in addition to the previous protests, has worked. 


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