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50 Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

From stocking stuffers to chimney dwellers, these fifty unique gifts are all less than $100. 


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According to leading global information company NPD, about 40% of holiday shoppers will give the gift of an "experience".
If some of you have read my thoughts on frivolity during Christmas (interchangeable with Hanukkah, or any festivity that has come to prioritize possessing and collecting, rather than an excuse to get-together with family and friends), you would know that I find this to be all well and good.
For experiences, such as flight tickets, amusement park entrances, spa days, or volunteer missions can be a great gift to give (and to share!) with someone special in your life. 
But, even so, we stumble into a couple of pickles.
On the one hand, tradition calls for us to at least have something material (even if it is small or inexpensive), to wrap, bag, and give to its new owner, presumably for someone who is dear to us.
On the other, technology has made long-distance relationships with relatives, pals, and significant others much more doable, but complicates the feasibility of giving someone an "experience" for the holidays, or even a quirky store-bought item from a local business.
On the whole, most millennials can't even afford fabric softeners, babies, or houses for themselves, so expecting them to shell out money they don't have due to crippling debt and pathetic salaries for, like, a Kate Spade bag for mom, a trip to Vegas with four best friends, and a KitchenAid for grandma, is kind of a stretch. 
How are we to be unique, thoughtful, and sincere godparents, cousins, and boyfriends, while remaining within a budget and being practical?
Look no further! Let this be your guide to, well, gifting something memorable instead of gifting memories: 

A perfume you both can enjoy

Nothing has ever tempted me to go move to Los Angeles and become “big movie star” than this unisex long-sleeve tee. Didn’t catch my reference in the quotes? Keep up with the Joneses (or more like the Francos), in The Disaster Artist.

Soraya Montenegro approved.

I used to make fun of the “lax bros” at Haverford for having these glued to their feet during the winter, but now that I’m a mature woman who has been out of college for seven months, I have a whole new lease on life. I was once blind, but now I see the importance of these moccasins. They’re the quintessential American “hygge” staple, and they’re perfect for the whole family.

The most important meal of the day, served with love and panache.


Anything cheesy AND clever makes my heart swoon. It’s the perfect combination. If any of you have friends, girlfriends, or tías who are like me, this is the jewelry for them.

**extremely Tyra Banks voice**: Healthy… But make it pasta.

Class up your bad decisions.

Make a party tropical year-round.

For the person who wishes they were Meghan Markle.

But if beauty agendas aren’t your Secret Santa’s thing, perhaps a punk Slingshot Organizer will do? Also available for purchase at The Wooden Shoe.

The invention of the decade lasts a decade.

The fanny pack for people who like to ooze cool while burning calories.

It might not be as legit or as scrumptious as Café y Chocolate’s signature drink, but at least with this you can satisfy your chocolate caliente cravings from home.

I own a portable, mini, USB-pluggable oil diffuser, so I can’t really stress enough how crucial it is to own one of these de-stressors. Essential oils sold separately. 

… Or anything Fenty Beauty (Rihanna’s triumphant makeup line), really. All reasonably priced, all extremely high-quality and covetable.

Because yer a wizard.

I swear this isn't a drug deal, but this is an upgrade to your typical boxed chocolates. 

This is for “camping”, but I see it more as an excuse to “lounge and sloth around virtually anywhere”... Buyer’s choice.  

Show your loved one the world through ink-stained fingertips.

We’ve come so far as a society.

I may be a millennial, but I still like to physically hold, show off, and display photos. This yearning can also be solved with an ϋber cute Fujifilm Instax in 2018's Color of The Year.

An essential statement piece for feminists.

This, a plush velvet robe, a glass of cabernet in hand, and a cerebral documentary, is my aesthetic.

Merry Sockmas!

Brush up on your knowledge by studying Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Vine2. Homework has never been so much fun.

An itty bitty forest to exercise green thumbs.

But girls want an apartment smelling of oven-fresh New York style pizza too!  

R-rated candy.

Getting some strong acid-wash jeans, Gwen Stefani during her No Doubt days, late 90s pop punk vibes from this statement piece.

Bottoms up!

There’s a good chance someone on your “Nice List” is getting ready for a transformative year, healthwise. Journaling serves as fuel for the soul and as a motivator to hit the gym and #makegainz. Know of someone who needs to get healthier by increasing their Zzz’s? This might be the journal for them.

They’re like The Woman Cards Deck, but for the witchiest enchantress in your life.

Pair with a matching Himalayan Salt Lamp.


41. Obol

Sufficient evidence that humankind has evolved.

Like the "man" candles, "man" crates are unisex. Wellboxes are a good, genderless alternative for people who are diabetic, on a diet, vegan, or gluten-free. They deserve a holiday basket too! 

Does anything say "I care about you" more than the gift of physical and mental wellbeing? Okay, maybe an epic trip will do the trick too. 

You can also get them a book that is going to be made into a movie next year (you have loads to choose from). 

Closely followed by the “samurai” umbrella.

I mean, after reading this list, don't you agree? 


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