Breonna on the cover of two big name magazines
Breonna is on the cover of two big-name magazines. Photos: Vanity Fair/Oprah

Breonna Taylor on Vanity Fair: Drawing attention or a marketing tool?

Breonna Taylor has been featured on Vanity Fair and Oprah. Is this a good thing?


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Throughout the summer, protestors have screamed in the streets asking for justice for Breonna Taylor. 

Now, big name media outlets are centering her face to draw a spotlight on the continued police brutality that plagues the United States. 

But the real question is, are they doing it for the right reason? 

Some however on social media are saying this type of spotlight is not okay.Instead of allyship, many see Taylor’s cover placement as marketing a person who has yet to have justice served for her murder.

Five months after Breonna Taylor was killed in her own home, no arrests or charges have been made. 

The names of the officers involved are well-known: Sergeant John Mattingly, and detectives Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove.

But as those officers continue to walk free, Taylor’s  image has been slapped on the cover of magazines to sell copies.

However, though it looks like marketing, the story in Vanity Fair and the voice given to her mother has made waves amid yet another case of police brutality caught on tape this week.

In the interview for the story,Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, shared more details from the end of her  daughter's luminous life. 

“Kenny calls me in the middle of the night. He says, Somebody kicked in the door and shot Breonna. I am dead asleep,” is how the story begins

Palmer recounts the events of that night. Her desperation to see her daughter,the loads of cop cars on the street of the house where she was shot, the lack of answers  from police and detectives. There were only the questions. 

“Were they involved in anything?” was one.

The article recounts that at 11 a.m., an officer approached Palmer and tells her the police are almost done at the scene.

“Where’s Breonna? Why won’t anybody say where Breonna is?” Palmer continued to ask.

“Well, ma’am, she’s still in the apartment,” the officer answers.

Palmer knows what that means.

The interview with Palmer goes on to talk about her own childhood, how she got pregnant with Breonna, her aspirations, and how she learned to ride a motorcycle.

When it came to Breonna? Palmer knew her daughter wanted to become a nurse. Beyond being a little talkative as a teenager, she also said Taylor wasn’t troublesome growing up.

At the end of Taylor’s life, police never let Palmer see her daughter after she died. She learned what happened on the news.

It’s been 160 days, and still not justice. A cover story for a big magazine, and still no justice. Politicians like Kamala Harris speak about police reform, but still no arrests. 


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