Companies polluting the environment with CO2
Climate change does not wait. Photo: Pixabay.

COP26: Biden makes direct call to rich countries in Glasgow

The U.S. president called for unity in the climate change fight.


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President Joe Biden vehemently invited the most developed countries to financially support developing countries in search of improvements that must be made immediately to combat the grave and dire consequences of climate change.

"The science is clear: We only have a short window to increase our ambition and rise to the threat of climate change," stressed Biden, while accepting responsibility for his country and the world's most powerful nations in the occurrence of deforestation and pollution on the planet. The president indicated in a conciliatory tone that there is no time to lose or fight among themselves, since the threat global warming poses to life on the planet is imminent and does not allow any more waiting.

Biden, who also participated in the G20 Summit in Rome, Italy, and will be in Glasgow for two more days, wants the United States and the rest of the participating countries to heed this "call of history" to face these immense challenges.

Angela Merkel's latest climate summit

For the German Chancellor, who is actively participating in her last climate summit, it is important the event ends with more ambitious goals than those it started with, pointing that the current objectives for reducing carbon emissions will not allow reaching the ones where they should be.

For this, Merkel insisted on the need to agree on mechanisms that allow measuring the progress, or delays, of each nation, urgently seeking the implementation of the Paris Agreement (2015), where the heads of state promised to try to limit warming of the planet by 1.5 degrees celsius. Like Biden, Merkel pointed out that the greatest responsibility lies with the richest countries, which are delaying their promises, not only to cut the emission of toxic gases, but also to finance the fight in developing countries, for which they should contribute $100 billion annually.

UK and France

The host of COP26, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, recalled being in Paris six years ago and pointed out that unless they act effectively and swiftly at this summit, "the anger and impatience" of the world cannot be controlled. In addition, Johnson invited all nations to work as a team and be realistic about climate change.

While recalling that each country must take this responsibility seriously, Johnson also highlighted India's initiative to expand its renewable sources by 2030 so they generate half of the energy needed in the nation — something the United Kingdom will support.

For his part, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced measures to lead his country through an ecological transition and announced he is willing to work with other countries to not only comply with what was agreed in his country in 2015, but also to go further "mobilizing together to move mountains" and defeating deforestation.


Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had previously apologized for not attending COP26, shared a written statement. In it, he announced that the main emitter in the world will increase the speed to make the transition towards renewable and green energy sources.

Jinping emphasized, like Western leaders, the need for cooperation among developed countries, noting that "developed countries should not only do more for themselves, but should also provide support to help developing countries to do better."

The summit will run until next Friday, Nov. 12.


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