Canelo called out Messi for disrespecting his country.
Canelo called out Messi for disrespecting his country. Photo: Getty Images.

Canelo Alvarez calls out Lionel Messi over allegedly celebrating on top of Mexican jersey after win v. Mexico

Video surfaced of the Argentine locker room celebration following a big 2-0 win against Mexico, in which Messi appears to step on the El Tri jersey.


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Champion Mexican boxer Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez sent a warning to Lionel Messi in a series of tweets Sunday night, Nov. 27, accusing the soccer legend of disrespecting Mexico. This comes after video surfaced of the Argentina locker room after defeating Mexico 2-0 on Saturday, Nov. 26, to avoid elimination from the World Cup. 

In the video, it shows the team chanting and dancing, and Messi is seen allegedly doing so on top of Mexico jersey. There is nothing concrete about whether Messi did it intentionally or not but either way, Canelo was not having it. The boxing legend accused King Leo of disrespecting his country’s jersey and flag. 

“Did you see Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag????” he tweeted in his native Spanish. 

Alvarez's tweets would suggest that Messi intentionally grabbed and jumped all over the Mexican jersey, but the video paints a much more calm picture. While he was trying to take his boots off, Messi appears to accidentally touch the jersey as it sits in front of him and he does not seem to notice it. 

This did not stop Canelo from commenting on the perceived disrespectful acts allegedly displayed by Messi, a world renowned footballer and nice guy. He goes after Messi in a series of tweets in which Canelo even replied to those who disagreed with his words, including a journalist. 

In another tweet, he seems to blatantly warn Messi of physical harm if he were to encounter him. 

“He better pray to God that I don’t find him!!” Álvarez tweeted with angry emojis. “Just like I respect Argentina, he has to respect Mexico! I’m not talking about the country as a whole, just about the bullshit that Messi pulled.”

Alvarez also claimed that the jersey being on the ground is already disrespectful enough, let alone the alleged stomping.  

“Since the MEXICO shirt is on the ground, it's already an insult. Stop bullshitting about what was or wasn't,” Alvarez tweeted. 

Former international teammate and legend, Sergio Kun Aguero, tweeted at Alvarez to try and clear things up about the shirt being on the floor. 

“Mr. Canelo, don’t look for excuses or problems, surely you don’t know about football and what happens in a changing room," Aguero tweeted, which was highlighted by CNN. "The shirts are always on the floor after games have finished due to sweat and then if you look properly, he makes the movement to remove his boot and accidentally hits it.”

Former Barcelona teammate Cesc Fàbregas also tweeted out in support of the Argentina great. 

“You neither know the person, nor do you understand how a locker room works or what happens after a game. ALL t-shirts, even the ones we wear ourselves, go on the floor and are washed afterwards. And more when you celebrate an important victory,” Fàbregas tweeted. 

Even many Mexican supporters of Canelo found it hard to agree with him. But there was also a fair share of support from his over 2.2 million Twitter followers that did take his side. Canelo might still have fresh wounds regarding Mexico’s huge loss versus Argentina, on Sat. Nov. 26, as the Mexicans face not getting out of the group stage. 

Messi and Co. will take on Robert Lewandowski and Poland on Wednesday, Nov. 30, and Mexico will fight for survival as they take on Saudi Arabia the same day. 


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