The April Fair is one of the biggest events in Sevilla. Photo: Getty Images.
The April Fair is one of the biggest events in Seville. Photo: Getty Images.

Visit Spain in the Spring

Spain is the second-most visited country in the world. Spring is an ideal occasion to discover the Peninsula as temperatures get more pleasant.


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The most colorful and most pleasant season of the year has begun in Europe. With Daylights Saving time, Spain enjoys more hours of sunshine, the terraces of bars and restaurants in the open air, live music, fields of almond and cherry blossom. 

In this article, we suggest some plans if planning a trip to the Iberian Peninsula in the coming months.


Spring is synonymous with colors and flowers. One of the best known places to see almond trees in full bloom is Valle del Jerte in the province of Cáceres. There, hundreds of tourists from all over the world come every year to watch the show and take photos.

Madrid, the capital, also has its own attraction at La Quinta Los Molinos, where the charm of cherry blossoms attracts local and foreign visitors  in the last weeks of Winter and early Spring every year. 


It is perhaps one of the biggest events in Seville. The April Fair is considered the most colorful festival in the world. The entire Andalusian city is filled with booths, lanterns and women dressed in typical costumes — fitted and long skirts with flounces.

The event begins with the night of the "alumbrao," and the traditional "fried fish" is tasted at booths. After a week of partying, people attend fireworks shows next to the Guadalquivir River.


Malaga (we have dedicated an entire article to the city before), San Sebastián, Barcelona and Madrid are just some of the cities that you can visit during holy week. Remember, Spain has deep-rooted customs linked to Catholicism, so activities such as performances, masses and processions attract many faithful and tourists.


Like 2021, 2022 is Xacobeo Year, so visiting the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela can be a great plan if you have never been to Galicia. If you want the trip to become an adventure of several days, which allows you to meet hidden and charming people and towns, consider doing the Camino de Santiago on a pilgrimage or by bicycle.

Interest in the Camino de Santiago has grown exponentially in the last five years in the United States, making it the non-European country with the largest number of pilgrims.


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