Christmas lighting 2021 in the city of Cartagena. Photo: Cartagena City Hall.
2021 Christmas lighting in Cartagena. Photo: Cartagena City Hall.

Five reasons to spend the holidays in Cartagena

Cartagena has become a very popular tourist destination during the holiday season. 


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Cartagena is a city full of colors, traditions and history. For this reason, many national and foreign tourists choose to spend Christmas and New Year's festivities in the streets of the 'Corralito de Piedra.' 
This year, Cartagena welcomes all its visitors back after having gone through a year full of COVID-19 restrictions. 
Still not sure where to spend the holidays? Here are five reasons Cartagena should be top of the list. 
Christmas lights 
Starting Dec. 3, the whole city is filled with lights and colors and spectacular Christmas lighting in the main streets, avenues and of course, in its historic center. 
The designs that will bid farewell to 2021 have a carnival style, accompanied by typical symbols of the season, such as Santa Claus hats, Christmas trees and sleighs. 
Festive atmosphere 
Starting at the beginning of December, the city is filled with the Christmas spirit, and the streets are adorned in festive clothes and places offer different cultural activities. 
During the night, one can enjoy a chiva ride — a typical bus of the city that travels through the neighborhoods in the northern area while playing music and distributing national drinks, such as beer, brandy, or rum. 
Cultural exchange 
Thanks to the good reputation the city has acquired in recent years, people from all corners of the world come to the city to spend the holidays. Americans, Europeans, Asians and Africans come to 'La heroica' to enjoy all its Christmas beauty. 
If you love to connect with other cultures and get to know other ways of seeing the world, Cartagena is a perfect meeting point to make new friends from all over the world and spend an unforgettable Christmas. 
The Caribbean Sea closer to you 
The historic center has many things to know, and another are its beautiful crystalline beaches a few minutes away by boat. 
In the Rosario Islands, one will find different activities to enjoy during the day in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Snorkeling, jet skiing, visiting the oceanarium or taking a walk through the aviary are some of what people can do during your stay in the city. 
In addition, the city's warm climate allows you to enjoy the beach with good sun and sand on your feet. Perfect for relaxing on New Year's vacations. 
The best music 
In the city, the best rhythms of the Caribbean merge to provide a unique experience to all who visit. 
Champeta, vallenato, salsa and reggaeton are the rhythms one can hear in every corner to enjoy a national beer while dancing to the rhythm of the music. 

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