Bazurto All Stars presents its world tour The Champeta's Journey. Photo: Courtesy ICULTUR
Bazurto All Stars presents its world tour The Champeta's Journey. Photo: Courtesy ICULTUR

Cartagena band Bazurto All Stars announces its world tour

The Bazurto All Stars announced their upcoming tour of the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium.


Cartagena's Champeta Champs

August 15th, 2022

Alternative Cartagena

August 8th, 2022

A Hole in Chile

August 4th, 2022

Escaping from tourists

August 3rd, 2022


Bazurto All Stars is a musical group from Cartagena that fuses champeta with other rhythms such as Brazilian funk and pop, and has shown that with effort and perseverance anything is possible, as they have announced the dates of their world tour.

"With preparation, joy and dedication, we are ready to put champeta music at the top, a genre that identifies us to the world. It will be an international tour where we will bring our culture," said Fredy Harel, vocalist of Bazurto All Stars.

The Cartageneros will be in Europe taking the champeta to many cities of the old continent, a tour without precedent in the history of the champeta genre, with this tour they intend to highlight the Afro-Caribbean culture of Cartagena, Bolivar and the entire Colombian north coast in the largest festivals and various scenarios in the world.

The group had already been touring since 2015 in Europe, the United States and Canada. This is the largest international tour that champeta has had, there are 24 shows in Europe for 2 months from May 28th to July 29th and 8 shows between the United States and Canada from September 14th to October 15th.

"Since we started this project called 'Bazurto All Stars' we always dreamed of this moment, it is an incredible achievement to make the global tour official, I have a lot to thank all the people who have always been with us," said Anibal Hernandez Banda "Hanibal", leader of the group.

The director of the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Bolivar (ICULTUR), Ivan Sanes, stressed that the department should feel "proud of the tireless work done by Bazurto All Stars for culture, as they have become the ambassadors of champeta to the world, demonstrating its essence".

This is the schedule of presentations that Bazurto All Stars will have in Europe during the next summer 2022:

05/28 - Wuppertal, Germany

06/02 - Winterthur, Switzerland

Jun 03 - Mühldorf, Germany

Jun 04 - Pforzheim, Germany

Jun 05 - Konstanz, Germany

Jun 06/06 - Hilchenbach, Germany

Jun 10 - Barcelona, Spain

Jun 11 - Göttingen, Germany

Jun 18 - Jena, Germany

Jun 24 - Homburg, Germany

Jun 26 - Backnang, Germany

Jun 27 - Hohwacht, Germany

Jul 01 - Zürich, Switzerland

Jul 02 - Nürnberg, Germany

Jul 07/07 - Duisburg, Germany

Jul 08 - Deggendorf, Germany

07/09 - Bad Salzungen, Germany

Jul 10 - Neuwied, Germany

Jul 12 - Amrum, Germany

07/13 - Malmö, Sweden

Jul 16 - Dresden, Germany

Jul 23 - De Hann, Belgium

07/28 - Germering, Germany

Along with the announcement of the tour, the release of their new album titled 'The Champeta's Journey Vol 1', the album that gives inspiration to the tour, was also announced. This new album has 11 songs which recreate a musical journey during the evolution process of the group, the new artistic project has a selection of some songs recorded at different moments of Bazurto's journey in their sonic and cultural exploration.


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