Jennifer Rodríguez, President & CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic of Chamber of Commerce. Photo: Samantha Laub / AL DÍA News
Jennifer Rodríguez, President & CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic of Chamber of Commerce. Photo: Samantha Laub / AL DÍA News

GPHCC President Jennifer Rodríguez speaks on upcoming B.PHL festival


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As President and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Rodriguez is all about serving the Latino community, especially when it comes to Latino-owned businesses, in Philadelphia.

When she heard about B.PHL, a three-day festival designed to build the city’s reputation as the most innovative city on the East Coast, she immediately thought of the opportunities this event could produce for the very people she serves. 

As per, Rodriguez will be moderating a panel discussion during the event, titled, “Festivals Celebrating What Philadelphia Has to Offer.” 

The panel will consist of Jeff Guaracino, president of CEO of Visit Philadelphia; Julie Coker Graham, president and CEO of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau; Anne Ewers, president and CEO of Kimmel Center, Inc.; and Patrick J. Burns, founder of Fresh Grocer.

When it comes to business and business opportunities, one of the most critical and important components in leading a successful endeavor is innovation.

Each of the panelists, including Rodriguez, has brought their brilliant, innovative minds into their respective companies and organizations.

This panel will shed light on similar events that highlight the innovation that exists throughout the city. 

“Philadelphia really is doing a lot of innovative work in terms of big festivals that are really inclusive and interesting,” said Rodriguez. 

The B.PHL festival will be filled with interactive workshops, sessions, exhibits, and events highlighting the innovation in fields, such as art, business, education, health care, science & technology, social impact, and more—leaving something for everyone. 

“I look at the vast number of events and themes, it is very interesting for many audiences,” said Rodriguez. “There are a lot of intersections that I think are pretty special and unique.”

As it relates particularly to the Latino community, Rodriguez hopes this event will help place Latino audiences in connection with audiences outside of the Latino community. 

“I think this provides an opportunity—or even an excuse if you will—to really delve and explore, to get out of our comfort zone... and interact with other sectors,” she said. 

“I think it’s a way of really stretching ourselves, experimenting a little bit in a friendly way that is not too intimidating, meeting people from outside of our normal networks. And I think that really is probably one of the lasting benefits of a program like this,” she added. 

This B.PHL festival will take place between Oct. 15 to Oct. 17 throughout Philadelphia. You can purchase a ticket here.

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