AL DIA Hispanic Heritage Awards: The perfect moment to celebrate our heritage
Michael Innocenzo (PECO), Peter Donohue (Villanova University), Mary Stengel Austen (Tierney), Jeffrey Knueppel (SEPTA), Fernando Armstrong (2020 Census), Judge Nelson Diaz, Judge Felipe Restrepo, James Narron (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia),…

AL DIA Hispanic Heritage Awards: The perfect moment to celebrate our heritage


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For the fourth consecutive year, AL DIA sets out to recognize the members of the community who through their accomplishments have broken the stereotypes of what if means to be Latino.  

On Sep 18, the advisory board of the 2019 AL DIA Hispanic Heritage Awards held a meeting to recognize the contributions of the Hispanic community to the city of Philadelphia.   

According to the 2010 census, 185,611 Hispanics live in the city of brotherly love. By 2018, 14% of Philadelphia was Latino.

In an ever growing city and with the Hispanic community continuously increasing in the U.S is important to celebrate and acknowledge what they have added to our society. 

By 2010, 1.2 million Hispanics served in the U.S. Armed Forces. By  2015, Hispanic households had become holders of a large portion of America’s spending power -with $9.2 billion dollars, according to The association Unidos. Slowly the Latino community has broken the stereotypes place upon them to achieve, contribute and create an impact in the U.S.

The 21 members of the Advisory Board recognize the importance of shedding light on the achievements of the Latino community. That is why, for 2019, five winners have been selected in the following categories: Education, Business, Public Service, Non- profit, Health. ]



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