Literatura Oral Episode 3
The "No" Campaign in Chile sold a hopeful future for the citizens. Video: YouTube 

Literatura Oral Episode 3: Ariel Dorfman


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In the third episode of Literatura Oral/Literature to Listen to, Dr. Megan Corbin, assistant chairperson and professor of languages at West Chester University, talks to AL DÍA News deputy editor Emily Neil about "La muerte y la doncella," a play by Chilean-Argentinian-American author Ariel Dorfman.

As an undergraduate with plans to attend law school, Megan discovered the historical richness that the works of Dorfman had to offer. The play itself and the body of literature it represented ultimately led her to a new career path in which she focused on teaching the untold accounts of a nation that seems to have erased those memories. For this reason, Megan chose to share with us Dorfman's play ("Death and the Maiden," in English), which depicts the struggle for reconciliation at the individual, societal, and national levels. 

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