Rosalía & Normani. Photos: Mark Horton/Emma McIntyre via Getty Images
Rosalía & Normani. Photos: Mark Horton/Emma McIntyre via Getty Images

Normani Wants to Make Music with Rosalía


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Throughout her career, Spanish singer Rosalía has collaborated with an impressive list of well-known artists from different parts of the world, after her VMA performances of 2019 carried her artistry deeper into mainstream music culture. 

So far, the classically trained Flamenco dancer and song-writer has released songs with alternative-pop star Billie Eilish, hip-hop artist Travis Scott, Canadian-Colombian singer Jesse Reyes, and more recently The Weeknd. 

The multilingual artist also receives a lot of love and compliments from fellow artists. 

In April, New Zealand singer Lorde stopped in New York City for her Solar Power Tour, and surprised the audience with a bilingual cover of Rosalía’s song "Hentai", from her latest album MOTOMAMI



Last month, Rosalía received praise from Lalisa Manoban, member of the popular K-pop group BLACKPINK.

The K-pop icon, who goes by her stage name Lisa, told Rolling Stone that she really admires the way that Rosalía proudly showcases Spanish culture and heritage and “makes it her own.” 

“Rosalía is so cool. She has her own Spanish culture, that’s inside her person, that influences her music. I’m curious to know how much I can expand what I do. Music-wise, dance-wise, I feel like I still have to learn more,” Lisa said. 

Now, Rosalía may have the chance to expand her career by exploring the R&B genre with singer Normani. Normani is a former member of the pop girl group Fifth Harmony, but as an independent artist she has been releasing songs in the R&B/soul category. 

During a recent video interview with iHeartRadio, Normani expressed her love for the “Saoko'' singer. Normani said that the song “Motomami” has been on repeat for her lately. 

Normani’s major hits include, “Wild Side,”a collaboration with Cardi B, "Motivation", and "Fair", a single she released earlier this year. Normani’s fans have been urging her to release her first studio album, but finding the right people to work with has been part of the delay. 

When asked about a future collaboration with Rosalía, Normani is all in.

“I want to so bad. Let’s create, girl. The visual would be out of this world,” she said. 

This isn’t even the first time that Normani has talked about her love for Rosalía. In 2019, she posted a story on Instagram showing her listening to the song “Milionària,” which is sung in Catalan, a language spoken in Spain. 

After seeing the iHeartRadio interview, Normani fans also said they want to see the two stars together on a song, and they want it released as early as this summer. 

Rosalía fans are also in favor of a collaboration. In May, the artist wrote a tweet in Spanish, asking her fanbase if they have any pressing questions for her. 

One Twitter user responded, also in Spanish, saying “we want a collab with Cardi and Normani this summer.” 

Unfortunately, both singers appear to be bust right now. Normani is currently promoting her newest single, “Fair,” and Rosalía is preparing for her upcoming global tour. Maybe when their timelines align, the two icons will drop a hit together. 


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