The program was founded in 2017. Photo:
The program was founded in 2017. Photo:

Opción Yo, the first online wellness center for Latinos, created by Latina therapists


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Despite COVID-19 restrictions being lifted across the country and people getting ready to ditch quarantine for vacations, shopping, and dining out, there are still many people grieving from the pandemic.

Opción Yo, a bilingual online wellness service for Latinos around the world, is helping citizens still struggling in the ‘new world’ coming out of the pandemic.

The goal behind the new program is to inspire Latinos to reach out for help, especially for people who have lost loved ones due to the virus.

Opcion Yo gives Latinos access to therapists that best suit them, and filters filling using a questionnaire on its website.

After the questionnaire is completed, participants are then able to schedule a therapy session that fits their schedule.

The classes included are affordable one-on-one therapy sessions, life coaching, and nutrition workshops to suit one’s lifestyle.

“Instead of having to pay more upfront for our monthly memberships, we offer lower-cost options so members can pay per session. No matter which option a member selects, they will receive the same opportunity to live better lives," Giancarlo Molero, co-founder and CMO told KPVI.

Patients are able to speak about anything on their minds — from raising children in the middle of a pandemic, to depression, and other family troubles.

Certified counselors are able to respond in Spanish and have a background of understanding their customs and traditions.

"Our mission at Opción Yo is to democratize access to wellbeing by offering quality services and products to transform Latino's lives and improve their world,” said Molero.

Opción Yo was founded in Nov. 2019 by Mariana Morales and Daniela Sichel, two Latina licensed therapists, after they witnessed the lack of bilingual, affordable access to mental health resources for Latinos.

Daniela Sichel, a native of Venezuela, has been open and honest with the stigma Latinos face when it comes to mental health.

"From my childhood in Venezuela to living and working as a therapist between the United States and Peru, I have experienced all the barriers limiting Latinos around the world from focusing on their mental and physical well-being,” said Sichel.

She admitted that being a new mother, an immigrant in America, and a Latina gave her many challenges to overcome.

With that in mind, Sichel wanted to develop something where Latinos could openly have access to therapy.

“I was able to create a solution and Latinos across the globe now have access to a community that allows them to choose their wellbeing every day through Opción," she said.

Sichel believes that by uniting Latinos with therapists and nutritionists, they can become mentally capable of overcoming barriers presented by the world.

For more information on Opción Yo, visit their website and book an appointment.

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