Texas' flag.
The Lone Star State will have a good number of Hispanic voters. Photo: Pixabay.

TAMACC uses social media to promote the Hispanic vote in Texas

According to the latest Census, the Latino population in this state is larger, for the first time, than the non-Hispanic population.


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The Association of American-Mexican Chambers of Commerce (TAMACC) recently partnered with Hispanic influencers to increase the turnout of young Latinos, who are traditionally the least active, in midterm elections.

Through this initiative, the organization seeks to involve Latinos between the ages of 18 and 35 in these elections, a participation that could be historic if one takes into account that, according to the latest demographic data, two out of five Texans are part of Hispanic communities.

At 40% of the population, Texas has the third highest percentage of Hispanic voters in the U.S., after New Mexico and California.

J.R. Gonzales, Executive Vice President of TAMACC, noted: 

The voice of Hispanic social influencers and popular personalities is a strategy that TAMACC is using to attract the younger voter. We are taking the message to social media platforms, where they spend from two to three hours or more a day.

Investment in the Latino vote

While the two gubernatorial candidates in Texas have spent close to $10 million on advertising to seduce Hispanics through the Spanish-language media, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) projects that nearly 2 million of Hispanic voters will vote in the Lone Star State.

With a special focus on the San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley areas, which have been identified as areas with the lowest Hispanic participation, TAMACC partnered with San Antonio-based comedy team Bean and Chisme, whose podcast is gaining popularity throughout the state.

Influencing the vote

“The Bean and Chisme team recognizes the importance of the Latino vote, especially in Texas. As social media influencers, we have a responsibility to spread important messages. In this election, we are using our platforms to encourage Latinos to vote. It is imperative that our community becomes more involved in the electoral process. If more Latinos voted in federal, state, and local elections, it would affect the outcome. By voting, we have a voice in determining our own future and quality of life,” said Samantha Najera, co-creator of Bean and Chisme.

For its part, an advertisement features actress April Hernández Castillo, from the film Freedom Writers, states: “We are the backbone of the strong economy of Texas. You have the power to change the future. Your vote is your voice.”


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