Joe Biden (L) y Elizabeth Warren (R). Source: Getty.
Joe Biden (L) y Elizabeth Warren (R). Source: Getty.

What would a Biden-Warren formula imply?

Although it doesn't seem an ideal combination, choosing Senator Elizabeth Warren as Joe Biden's running mate could radically change the election landscape in…


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The hope that the Democratic Party would turn completely to a progressive path during the primaries was very short. Despite the strength of candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren, we knew deep down that the Democratic machine would not risk seeing Donald Trump get re-elected on a high stakes basis.

However, the de facto nomination of former Vice President Joe Biden seems to have driven all the forces gravitating around the Party to close ranks and pay attention to the voters during the primaries.

One issue is key: the demographic that could determine the outcome of the election in November is among women, Latinos, and African-Americans, and Joe Biden cannot lure them all together behind his figure and his proposals.

For that, he will need an invincible running mate.

After committing to elect a woman as vice president during the March 15 debate, Biden's campaign team set in motion the process of selecting his running mate against the Trump-Pence formula in November.

Amidst the speculation about a potential Stacey Abrams or even a Latina, the name that has sounded the most is Senator Elizabeth Warren’s who, after withdrawing from the race and endorsing the former vice president, responded to Rachel Maddow in an interview for MSNBC that, if considered a running mate, she would accept it without hesitation.

Simultaneously, the senator has been active in networking and a sort of media campaign against the Trump Administration's scant and erratic efforts to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, in what many perceive as a strategy to make herself "attractive to the Biden team," which is "seriously considering picking her," according to The Atlantic.

In a conversation with media reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere, Warren insisted that the way out of the national political crisis is a matter of perspective.

"Joe Biden describes this [election] as the battle for the soul of the nation. He's right," the Senator said. "But there's more. It's the battle for the survival of a nation that works for most of its people or only for a thin elite at the top.

An "ideal" partner

The candidate who campaigned behind the "I have a plan for that" seems then to be the strategic solution for the Biden team, not only in attracting voters who still doubt the former vice president but in putting in place tangible solutions.

Warren has not only put on the table economic recovery plans focused on social welfare, but she was also the first to release a plan to deal with COVID-19 in late January, while the Administration continued to doubt the veracity of the public health threat.

While Trump's economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, claimed that the pandemic "would not sink the economy," Warren narrowly explained the need for more than $400 billion in a long-term economic response package.

And Biden’s team has not overlooked this.

As the Boston Globe explained, the former vice president and the senator have been speaking privately on many occasions over the past few weeks, "including when Biden called her after her older brother died of coronavirus.”

"She’d make a terrific vice president," Valeria Jarret, one of the Obama administration's top advisers, told the media, and also argued that the differences between the two politicians find neutral ground in the country's situation.

“I feel like they get along better than people who have always agreed with each other in this way that sometimes happens,” said Jared Bernstein, who was Biden’s chief economist while he was vice president and is on one of his task forces now. “I think they would both tell you that they’ve learned a lot from each other.” However, the question remains unanswered: Will this duo be enough to attract the colored vote?

"She's very, very good," former Senate Democratic majority leader Harry Reid told the Boston Globe. "The progressive community would be very happy, but then again, you have other things to take into consideration: the strength of the black vote in Kentucky, Virginia, and Louisiana recently."

Similarly, Warren's battle against Wall Street and the "top 1%" could put Biden's support of investors and billionaires in check.

A matter of age

On the other hand, and in an effort to distance itself from the "male, white, heterosexual and senior" format, team Biden is also considering a running mate to ensure a second Democratic presidential term after the vice president.

According to the Associated Press, without yet having reached the position, Joe Biden "is already thinking about leaving.”

His concern is that his age and mental and physical health will be a problem during his administration, assuring that he will not seek re-election as he sees himself as "a transitional candidate" who will stand for "a younger generation of leadership.”

Considering that Elizabeth Warren is only 7 years younger than the former vice president, there is a possibility that other figures like 55-year-old Kamala Harris will be more attractive for the final decision.

One way or another, the possibility of having the first female vice president in the country's history is becoming more tangible.


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