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Nuestro PAC is back in 2024 with $37 million backing to boost President Biden with the Latino Community

The largest independent Latino-focused super PAC in the U.S. is relaunching. In 2020, it built on the strength of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Latino voter outreach.


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As first reported by The Messenger, Nuestro PAC is back in 2024 with a $37 million backing for President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign. 

“Nuestro PAC is back! We’re focusing on stopping Trump and his band of MAGA extremists and amplifying Biden’s message to Latinos. Expect to see us on the air in AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, and WI!” the super PAC announced in a tweet. 

The largest independent Latino-focused super PAC in the U.S first launched in 2020 to build on the strength of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ historic Latino voter outreach during his then-Presidential campaign. 

“Joe Biden has been the most consequential president ever for Latinos, delivering on every aspect of their economic well-being, while getting absolutely no credit for it,” said Nuestro PAC founder and former Sanders senior advisor Chuck Rocha. 

“So we’re going to tell them everything Joe Biden has done while Donald Trump continues to hit them in the back of the head,” he added. 

According to Rocha, the super PAC’s goal is to help strengthen “obvious weaknesses” the President had in 2020 in regards to the large Latino electorate, which was a problem during his 2020 victory in which the campaign acknowledged there was “work to do” two months before Election Day.

According to its launch memo, Nuestro will address the huge “challenges” ahead including reaching young and working-class Latinos as Democrats face losing support from Latino men in 2024. 

The $37 million investment includes bilingual digital outreach, mail, and radio programing targeting Latino voters in key states such as Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin. 

The investment also addresses allegations that the party only invests in critical Latino outreach late in election cycles. The group’s plans include working with “left, right, and center” operatives, such as Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid, who will be a senior adviser. 

According to Nuestro PAC’s website, they will look to correct “every mistake that was made in 2020 with outreach to Latinos in the Rio Grande Valley,” with the first thing being to start outreach early — nine months before Election Day.

They will look to use “effective messaging,” who have been participating in focus groups with Latinos in the Valley who voted for Clinton in 2016 and Trump in 2020 to ensure Latinos are being spoken to about the issues they care about and vote on. 

The super PAC said they will also be running ads across various platforms including television, radio, digital media, mail, newspapers, billboards, WhatsApp, as well as live calls and texting 

They will not be conducting door to door canvassing because they “believe that work is most effectively done by organizations on the ground with direct ties to the community,” and as a result, plan to regrant money to the appropriate organizations.

Sen. Sanders’ domination of the Latino vote in 2020 inspired Rocha to launch Nuestro PAC which was developed to help mobilize and turn out Latino voters in order to set the bar for what successful Latino outreach looks like.

On the way to Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump, Nuestro raised and spent $10 million running bilingual ads in eight electoral states, ultimately helping Biden take Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. 

Their work continued during the 2022 midterm elections last November in the Georgia Senate runoff elections where bilingual ads targeting Latinos helped Democrats again hold onto a seat. 

In 2020, Nuestro PAC was the only Latino super PAC to sit at the presidential independent expenditure coordinating table alongside Acronym, Bridge, Black PAC, Policy Project, Hub, NextGen, Priorities USA, Republicans against Trump and Unite the Country. 

This go-round, Nuestro is working with a significantly larger budget — $37 million — which will be used to share polling and test ads with Latino, Democratic and progressive groups including UnidosUS, Equis and Way to Win.


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