The national senator, Juliana di Tullio for Frente de Todos, said that the day of the demonstration is being discussed, however she mentioned next October 17 as a preference. Juliana di Tullio's Instagram.
National Senator Juliana Di Tullio for Frente de Todos, said that the day of the demonstration is still being discussed. However, rumor has it Oct. 17 is the preferred date. Instagram- Juliana di Tullio.

Argentina's official party prepares march in support of Cristina Fernandez

Reports of the planned marched dropped on Wednesday, Aug. 24 by a group of leaders from the Frente de Todos coalition.


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After Argentina's Prosecutor's Office requested a 12-year prison sentence against Vice President Cristina Kirchner for alleged irregularities in the awarding of public works when she was president (2007-2015), her supporters are rallying to her side. 

National Senator Juliana Di Tullio from the Frente de Todos Party announced on the radio that the party was "putting together a big march" to defend the innocence of the former president, who has since said she was the victim of a "political and media persecution."

"Attacking the head of Peronism the only thing it does is to make us react (...). Peronism is in a permanent state of alert and mobilization, and yes, we are organizing a big march to show the right wing that, in spite of everything, there are millions of us and we are ready to fight," said Di Tullio on the Argentine radio program Ahora Dicen.

Regarding the date of the demonstration, the senator said that it is still being discussed, however Oct. 17 has floated as a potential date, when "Peronist Loyalty Day" is celebrated — the main holiday for the Frente de Todos Party.

Andres Cuervo Larroque, Minister of Community Development of the province of Buenos Aires, capital of the country, said that "a lot of meetings" are being held to define how to respond in the streets to the conviction request from the Prosecutor's Office.

The opposition coalition of Juntos por el Cambio expressed its "concern" before the "onslaught" of the ruling party against justice, while rejecting the calls for new demonstrations.

"Juntos por el Cambio expresses its concern before the onslaught that officials and militants related to the national government are carrying out to intimidate judges and prosecutors who are carrying out their work. That is why we demand that they be taken care of and protected against any destabilization attempt," said the opposition in a statement after a meeting with its main leaders, among them former President Mauricio Macri.


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