Black and white pic of a prison cell.
Honduras is far from the only place in Latin America where violence runs rampant in prisons. Photo: Pixabay.

Honduras seeks immediate solutions as a wave of violence hits its prisons

The UN made an initial call upon the government of Xiomara Castro, expressing concern for the circumstances within the country's prisons.


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Expressing its "deep concern" over four violent incidents that took place in the Honduran prisons of Támara, El Porvenir, Santa Bárbara and Moroceli, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Honduras (Oacnudh), asked the country's government to guarantee the safety of its prison population.

In addition to asking the Honduran State to take urgent measures to protect the rights to life and personal integrity of those in its custody, Oacnudh also urged an exhaustive independent investigation into the acts of violence and violations of human rights that occurred in detention centers.

Xiomara Castro, President of Honduras, shared on her Twitter account:

12 years (144 months) of looting and collusion with drug trafficking, maras, gangs, and public and private organized crime, cannot be fixed in 12 months.

Violence in prisons

Oacnudh’s request comes after the simultaneous shootings took place in the four aforementioned prisons in Honduras, which left one dead and 11 injured.

"These incidents show the structural deficiency in terms of overcrowding, prison management and guarantee of comprehensive security of persons deprived of liberty," the organization highlighted in the statement.

According to DW, shootings, riots and the confiscation of weapons are frequent in Honduran prisons, where there is also overcrowding, and a lack of adequate and safe physical facilities for housing inmates. Hygiene and sanitation are also deplorable.

Oacnudh also insisted that the government must especially strengthen the security of people in vulnerable situations, and guarantee access to justice for victims.

A search for solutions

Castro, who announced new appointments and emergency measures to deal with this new wave of violence inside prisons, stressed that what is important now are results.

“The intervention will be harsh, but respectful of humanity, of the defendants, their families and defenders. Crime is fought through prevention, not only through punishment," she said.

Oacnudh also invited Honduras to adopt measures that can comprehensively protect society against crime through programs for social reintegration and reduction of recidivism that focus on human dignity.

"The Office reiterates its commitment to support the State of Honduras in the promotion and protection of human rights," highlighted Oacnudh.

The organization referenced the Mandela Rules, which are prison security and management measures that include the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners.

“I am going to put a strong hand and order in the prisons, until transforming them into Penal Rehabilitation Centers, not into crime and torture schools like what I have inherited,” said Castro.


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