Vice President Kamala Harris left the set of 'The View' over positive covid-19 cases. Photo credit: Getty Images
Vice President Kamala Harris left the set of The View before her scheduled interview and returned virtually. Photo: Getty Images

Kamala Harris leaves 'The View' after two hosts test positive for COVID

The vice president left the studio of the talk show after learning two hosts, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, tested positive for COVID.


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Vice President Kamala Harris was ready to go live on ABC's The View last Friday morning, Sept. 24, but the interview was quickly canceled after two hosts tested positive for COVID-19 and had to leave the set.
The vice president's office said it was "angered" and "deeply troubled" by ABC's handling of COVID-19 testing prior to the series of events. 
Two of the show's hosts, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, had to leave the live set after receiving positive COVID-19 tests in spite of being vaccinated. 
After being evacuated from the set and taking a commercial break, host Joy Behar announced the news to viewers and advised that the scheduled live interview with the vice president would be conducted remotely from another studio in the building.
According to the report from the vice president's office, the entire team was asked to do PCR tests 24 hours in advance. Apparently, a representative of the network "suggested the night before Harris' appearance that the tests had been negative."
ABC and The View have yet to comment on the situation. 
Kamala, coffee and immigrants
As a strategy to attack the causes of migration — poverty, marginalization, cartels — in countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Harris is leading an effort alongside Microsoft, Nespresso, Mastercard and Chobani yogurt, which are  providing employment, internet connection and credit to people from these countries, preventing their departure to U.S. territory.
"Together, we can work to overcome barriers to investment, promote economic opportunity and support long-term development in the region," said the vice president in a release about the agreement.
The strategy's launch document explains that the "partnership aims to coordinate practical solutions to promote economic opportunity, address pressing climate, education and health challenges, and promote long-term investment and workforce capacity in support of a vision of hope for Central America."

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