"The next morning". Photo: Associated Press / Craig Ruttle
"The next morning". Photo: Associated Press / Craig Ruttle

It’s been a hard year for America

2017 will be remembered as the year in which the "democratic role model" showed its seams.


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It seems that it was years ago when a small crowd celebrated the arrival of the most unexpected character to the White House.

In a country where the election of the president falls into the hands of the Electoral College, the results of the November 2016 elections were different from that of the popular vote. Still, Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon, celebrated his victory without a hint of humility.

After a racist, prejudiced and populist campaign, one of the richest men in the nation - and with less experience in politics - took the reins of one of the most powerful powers in the world.

Thus, with a Republican majority in the legislative bodies, his first months were anticipated as a machinery of economic and social reform that would sweep the bases laid by its predecessors. But the destruction of the Republican Will was necessary to make a coalition of blind supporters finally begin to fulfill campaign promises.

Prototypes for the construction of the wall; a considerable increase in the force of deportation of undocumented immigrants and the approval of a powerful tax reform have been only samples of what the former host of The Apprentice intends to do with the country.

Martin Luther King used to say that "A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom"; and that is precisely what the Trump Administration is doing with our country.

From its budgetary project to its tax reform, everything indicates that the economic cuts will be a reality for health and public assistance programs, in order to strengthen the grip of the upper class; a minority in the country, this is a class represented by White, non-Hispanic men who also happens to be the typical member of the presidential cabinet.

As if that were not enough, while at home the poor citizen is increasingly displaced, abroad the country is increasingly isolated due to the divisive, stubborn and inopportune international policies of President Trump, which have exacerbated conflicts with North Korea, with Muslim countries and with international cooperation organizations that have relied for decades on the hand (and pocket) of the United States.

To add wrongs, an investigation by collusion is reaching the gardens of the White House, making Donald Trump and his administration the most convulsive government in recent years: for the first time, it is being rumored the possibility that an individual has used the force of the historical antagonist to take over the Oval Office.

But not everything has been bad throughout 2017.

Against all odds, the paradox of an unpopular populist leader has uncovered the most powerful social and cultural phenomena since the civil rights struggle. That is why, from the March of the Women to the #MeToo, this year will be remembered as the year of the Resistance.

Resistance to hatred; division; harassment; misogyny; to discrimination, and intolerance.

Events such as Charlottesville and the Harvey Weinstein effect have forever changed the way things are done in the United States, where for many years political correctness has been a standard for under-the-table abuse, and not an excuse to do politics, as the president has repeatedly criticized.

The most impressive thing has been the voice that cries out "He does not represent me", and that has turned the political table even in such iron-fisted areas as Alabama in a gesture that - although many consider as "punishment vote" against the president - shows minorities are tired of being just a number in the election results.

Next year’s challenge won’t be easy

In 2018 a collapsed Republican Party could be the launch pad for a Democratic opponent who has been firing darts for years without too much aim, but if careful attention is not given to what has happened over the past 12 months, to resist would’ve been useless.


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