Recently married gay couple walking in a countryside road.
United States close to voting for same-sex marriage. Photo: Pixabay.

U.S. Senate will vote for gay marriage this Wednesday

A bipartisan group of senators would have reached an agreement to advance this bill.


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After the House of Representatives passed legislation on this proposal back in July, the vote in the Senate, which was scheduled to take place in September, was postponed so that it could take place after the recent midterm elections.

In a report by Agencia EFE, the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, highlighted:

No American should be discriminated against for the person they love. Passing this bill would guarantee much-needed safeguards in federal law.

Shumer also indicated in the Upper House that the vote will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, November 16.

About the bill

Looking for the federal government to recognize a wedding between two people, taking aside issues, such as sex, race, ethnicity, or origin of its members, the law will validate these unions, regardless of the place where these took place, and will guarantee couples "full faith and credit.”

The agreement reached by the legislators, which highlights the importance of marriage, emphasizes that "same-sex and interracial couples deserve dignity, stability and permanent protection."

Advocacy for gay marriage, which many believe is long overdue, gained renewed momentum after the conservative-majority Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, which protected abortion access in the U.S.

Fearing a continuation of this trend, where it has been warned about the possibility of the court restricting more rights, activists and politicians wait for a positive result in the vote to guarantee this freedom in the country.

After the election in the Senate, where a qualified majority of 60 votes will be needed for it to prosper, the project will return to the House of Representatives for the final vote on a date that has yet to be defined.

At least 10 Republican senators would have to vote in favor for the law to become a reality.


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