Presidents of Brazil and Russia meet in Moscow.
Vladimir Putin recently received his counterpart from Brazil. Photo: @KremlinRussia_E.

Bolsonaro visits Russia amid crisis with Ukraine

The Russian president thanked the Brazilian for his visit, emphasizing that his country is the main commercial partner of the Kremlin in Latin America.


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Amid the current geopolitical tension concentrated on the border between Russia and Ukraine, the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, arrived in Moscow to fulfill an appointment he had with Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

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This was the first visit to Russia for Bolsonaro, who assured that the agenda between the two countries was quite productive, reaching pre-pandemic levels in terms of bilateral trade between the two nations. Topics such as agribusiness were also discussed, a process that facilitates the acquisition of fertilizers and the activation of meat exports to strengthen the ties between Moscow and Brasilia.

Putin's words

“Our countries are definitely interested in progressively expanding economic interaction. Brazil is one of Russia's main trading partners in Latin America and the Caribbean, and represents a third of all our trade with this region,” reads a press release shared after the meeting between the two presidents.

The Kremlin also noted that, last year, “bilateral trade grew by 87% despite coronavirus-related complications,” noting that “bilateral industrial cooperation is expanding successfully.” They cite examples such as the Russian Power Machines corporation's projects to modernize the Brazilian hydroelectric industry, as well as the Severstal and AVISMA projects to supply components to local high-tech companies.

Regarding the political position of the two countries, Putin stated that both his nation and Brazil continue “advocating the development of a multipolar world order based on international law with the central coordinating role of the UN,” highlighting the firm commitment to “the principle of multilateralism and the political-diplomatic solution of conflicts.”

What did Bolsonaro say?

The Brazilian president confirmed the progress mentioned by his counterpart in commercial and industrial relations, while also highlighting new projects:

We have great potential to develop cooperation in the sphere of oil, its derivatives and natural gas. We strive to strengthen our high-level dialogue on the exploration and production of oil in deep-sea deposits and we are interested in small nuclear power plants.

Bolsonaro also considered it important to highlight the efforts made by the two countries to “create new dynamics in the technological alliance between Brazil and Russia,” paying special attention to nanotechnology, biotechnology and medical research. The leaders also agreed to maintain a permanent dialogue to protect their extensive areas of forest and jungle.

In the strong trade relationship between Russia and Brazil, the exports of the Kremlin to the South American country totaled more than $5.7 billion (more than half in fertilizer operations). For Brazil's part, shipments to Moscow totaled $ 1.6 billion, boosted by food products.

While the United States had asked the Brazilian government to postpone its visit, taking into account the current situation, many believe that a weakened Bolsonaro in Brazil could not miss the opportunity to be seen next to a character like Putin.

Click here to see the full statements by Bolsonaro and Putin.


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