We know very little about the objects recently downed.
We know very little about the objects recently downed. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Biden silent as lawmakers and the public demand answers about four UFOs being shot down in eight days

U.S. jets downed three unidentified objects flying over North American airspace over the last three days, and leaders haven’t said much.


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U.S. lawmakers and the American people nervously wait for an answer, a response, any kind of reassurance from President Joe Biden as the country’s military has uncharacteristically shot down four unidentified objects found flying over North American airspace in recent time — three in the last three days. 

China claimed responsibility for the first one shot down off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 4. Officials claimed it was likely some sort of surveillance device. They were also responsible for a second balloon found flying over Latin America. 

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning confirmed on Mon., Feb. 6, that the balloon was also owned by China and offered the same excuse it provided for the first one, saying the unmanned balloon was Chinese, but said it was "of civilian nature and used for flight test."

Nothing has been said about the last two regarding its ownership as strange and potentially nefarious behavior continues during peacetime. 

U.S. fighter jets shot down objects over Lake Huron on Sunday, Canada on Saturday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada ordered with Biden, and on Friday, over Alaska.

With no answers from the President, the Pentagon, or the federal government as of publication, the public is left wondering whether we are dealing with Chinese surveillance intelligence, other surveillance intelligence, or E.T. 

But as the President and all parties involved race to figure out what exactly the country is dealing with, silence has begun to worry allies of the president, according to multiple sources telling CNN. 

According to one source close to the administration’s deliberations, said that as of the weekend, officials were still studying the objects to get an understanding. 

They also noted that there would be “considerable risk” to Biden if he were to come out now to deliver a speech before having a better grasp of the situation and potential risks involved, but many are still pushing for Biden to do it anyway. 

One Democratic congressman who spoke to CNN on background Sunday night, said that the silence was “odd” — especially when “people are freaked out.” He noted that the American public had considerably heard more from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer over the weekend than Biden. 

Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said he has “real concerns” about Biden not being “more forthcoming.” 

“I have real concerns about why the administration is being not more forthcoming with everything that it knows,” he said on NBC’s Meet the Press. 

“But part of the problem here is that both of the second and the third objects were shot down in very remote areas. So, my guess is that there’s just not a lot of information out there yet to share,” he added. 

Another lawmaker told CNN that they believe Biden has to comment on the situation with what is known so far, no matter how much or little. 

“Ambiguity is fuel for conspiracy theorists, and I hope information is shared expeditiously,” the lawmaker said. “Something truthful is more important than something reassuring. Trust in government requires communication from government.”

Biden last addressed the matter last Friday, when responding to a question from CNN regarding the object over Alaska, saying “it was a success.”

His aides however believe that commenting on the situation before knowing the full scope could cause even further concern, another person familiar with the matter said. They say that the president has been actively involved with the situation. 

One U.S. official who has been providing information of sorts has been Schumer. The New York Democrat said he spoke to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Saturday night regarding the issue. 

He said on ABC’s This Week that the Biden Administration believes the objects from Friday and Saturday were also balloons, but smaller than the first one. 

Schumer was one of several other lawmakers saying that the parts recovered from the wreckage over the Atlantic Ocean will help the U.S. learn more. 

“We’re gonna probably be able to piece together this whole surveillance balloon and know exactly what’s going on. So that’s a huge coup for the United States,” Schumer said.

He added that he thinks the Chinese were caught red handed with the balloons, and “humiliated.” 

“I think the Chinese were caught lying. I think it’s a real step back for them,” the majority leader said.


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